Friday, August 26, 2011

FTW blog spotlight, Sister of Battle points, Nova Open Live stream

As you read this I am on the road heading toward Arlington VA to play in the center of the storm that we call the NOVA OPEN. Everyone I talked to last year said Mike puts on a good party and it’s a must go to event. Not to mention his format is pretty hot sauce, so if nothing else it should be a fun time. Several names all around the Web should be there sporting spammy armies with something to prove. I will be taking pictures randomly throughout the weekend while the demons roam from table to table and I try not to embarrass myself lol. I couldn’t leave my blog hanging though while I was away so what happened this week?

First off I was invited by Ron over on FTW to officially head up the FTW blog spotlight. His people contacted my people, and intense negotiations ensued. I was holding out for use of the company jet but alas Ron is a harsh business man so no use of the company jet for me. The Article has been retooled a bit in traditional Hollywood fashion after you are eaten into mainstream. However I don’t mind at all. This is my way to help out Ron with his great Blog roll and to give something positive back to the community.  My first gathering of articles is up right now and you can head over the check it out. Drop a comment or two and encourage Ron to give me a raise!!! =P Honestly I like the idea of spreading out to some other sites and posting as a guest, I might look into finding a home on one more mainstream site’s as a guest author in the near future. (Click to jump to FTW)

The girls are finally back in town but like most girls they appear to cost too much. The points break downs have been leaked and the bidding on the basic sister has ended up at 12 points a model. Immo's have lost a step since they are no longer Fast vehicles it appears not only that if rumors are true so many things in the book cost more than people had been hoping. The army appears its going to play very differently than before.  The large Organs of random rocket death so far appear to have no change to them at all however the IC of reroll your faith points appears to clock in at a comfortable 90 points. I will wait until I actually read the book for myself before I pass final judgment I like to see it first hand, however let's be honest its been downhill ever since we knew it was going to be a WD codex. We held out with hopes and waiting but.. it looks like in the end while the girls didn't turn out horrible its very MEH at best.... which isn't what I look for in a girl so I am disappointed to say the least.

Finally I want to mention the NOVA OPEN first off Mike asked this to be re-posted by the blogging world.

" All bloggers, forum posters, etc., please repost this and keep it "alive" all over ... you can tune into the NOVA Open Live Feed starting tomorrow at around 6:00PM, and it'll be "up" for the majority of the Open thereafter, including the Whiskey Challenges on Thursday night, Invitational all day Friday, and the Open on Sat and Sun."

So if your interested click away and see what is going on.. Also if you don't like the coverage you can then go to the 11th company main site and post complaints. Feel free to tell them I sent you =P

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