Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Emperor's Chosen - 5

Its been another week, one that just blew by!!!! There has been actual rumors this week and news to talk about so I will be able to do a news round up this week which I haven't done for a couple weeks. Its a fun article and I miss writing it. I also have another guest article going up early next week on two of the local sites here in Ohio. I will start linking to the guest posts I do. =P As I venture out and find other places that are ok with me scribbling on their walls. (Unlike school people like when you write on the wall on a regular basis in the blogging world) Anyway lets get into some of the shiny that floated to the top and deserves a mention this week. Onto the 5th edition of The Emperor's Chosen!!!

Daughter of the Emperor
WIP Twilight Knight Pin up
-I check this site often and its one of those constant reminders that my painting skills need leveling. It never fails to inspire me with some idea or to try to grind levels with a paint brush. This is a another great WIP shot as daughters of the emperor delves into the 54mm range.

Ineptus Mechanicus
Loving the Kit-Bash: Word Bearers Grey Hunter Squad 3
-A great progress update with kit bash madness. Some great shots of some more models put together by Rich with some background love about kit bashing. Keep up the good work Rich and keep inspiring others.

E-Ville Armory
Gen Con Report
-Someone went to Gen Con and ..(here is the important part!!) Took and posted some pics!!! A few pics and a few words about this wildly popular event from a Crimson Fist POV.

Varnishing flying bases
-Nick gives us some wisdom on dealing with those plain clear bases. He shows us how he goes about it at least and who doesn't like a little helpful advice?


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