Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Emperor's Chosen -4

Its been a super long week and as I sit here writing this I should be painting up some squads I wanted to get done, but honestly how many of us have squads that are waiting for us to stop being lazy and finish them up lol. I did manage to get some more testing in vs Grey Knights this week as I prep to go to Nova and not embarrass myself. I think I have a list I am comfortable with I just need one more test game between now and then and I'll be good to go. Grey Knights are a tough match up for demons but who didn't know that? Anyway this isn't a post about how to battle Knights with demons this is a post about the chosen blogs that shined this time around. Again these are taken from the FTW blog roll. I haven't been asked to do this it's just my way to step up shine some extra light on some great posts and help out a bit. Lets get into it.

Ave Dominus Nox
Night Lords Apothecary
-So let's kick this off with a nice post showcasing a complete model. The picture speaks for itself but Rob goes above and beyond linking to tutorials on the process and effects he was going for when working on the model.

Khepri's Eternal Legion
The warstore, why buying online can be the right choice.
-Dameon Green talks a bit about some outstanding customer service he got from the WarStore. I am a sucker for girls not wearing much, great food, and outstanding customer services so this caught my eye. I have heard many great things about the warstore and I have even personally had some good experiences from them. The fact that we need to support our local stores above all else is highlighted but it is always nice to hear about great Customer service something that is becoming more and more rare.

Sons of Thunder
My top Podcasts
-YO Dawg, I heard you like top lists so I put a top list in in your top list so you can top list while your top listing!!!! Sgt Brisbane lays down the law and tells us which podcasts he recommends. Which is great for me as I am just starting to get into these things and was looking for a place to start... if I disagree I will leave you angry comments sir!! **shakes fist. =P

Too Many Armies
Counts as...
-We have a look at counts as and what it means on the table top from the POV of Daniel. Not to shabby as we now live in the land of counts as it seems with the current rules and flood of armies being played as SW, BA, and Knights even though they may not look the rules.

Dukes Inferno
Local Store closes business discussion
-Sometimes a local shop closes thus is life. Its always sad and most times call for a moment of silence. So while you poor one out for the homies The Duke wants to talk about what you look for in a store.

Figs of Hiso
Blood Angel Razorback, co of Death
-This week we will wrap things up with a french blog and a finished project. The title and picture give it away but it came out well. Please feel free to drop some english comments that may or may not confuse our french friend. Great job Hiso.


  1. Thanks for the mention, dude! Let me know what you think of those. There are a ton of good ones out there, so if you find some gems, pass em over my way, I might be addicted ;)

  2. No prob Sgt!! I am downloading the ones you listed so I can listen to them next week. I'll let you know what I think after I get through a few episodes. It was good timing like I said I was just looking for some to start checking out.

  3. Thanks you for the mention. You can found a translator on my blog in order to understand everything of most of.

    I will add a link to your blog!

  4. Np Hiso great work on the model. I'll add your link to my blog roll on my next site update as well. Also thanks for stopping by.


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