Friday, August 5, 2011

Mission to 'Chicago'

On orders from the Lord Inquisitor, my cadre and I assembled in our Jetta-pattern Strike Lander and struck off for the Imperial Hive world known as "Chicago" to investigate an annual event some might refer to as "Games Day." My 3 compatriots were all skilled investigators, and with my Rosette firmly clutched in hand I knew we'd see whether these people had truly turned from the Light of the Emperor's Codex.

After a long and tedious travel involving nearly an hour locked into a landing traffic pattern in orbit around "O'Hare" we finally arrived at our accommodations for the evening, the illustrious "Doubletree." We sampled local fare and turned in at a decent time in order to be well-rested for the momentous Inquisition in the morning.

The following day, we awoke, broke our fast, and began the march to the location of this year's GamesDay. On arrival, we found large crowds standing outside the doors to the display area, and headed to an upstairs arena in which we had been informed there was a heretical manifestation of the enemy of the great Ordo Malleus: a Golden Daemon.

Indeed, the upper floors did house many daemons; alas, their display cases were plexiglas and opposed any photography. We would return later to document their presence so that a kill team might return later and sweep out these dangerous entities.

On the way out of this arena, we noted that the individuals giving seminars were using both heretical paints and displaying heretical models! I acquired photopic evidence and display it now as testimony.

From hence, we returned to the main floor with perfect timing to find the great doors opening and allowing the crowd to enter.

Throughout the day, my cadre and I roamed this wilderness, sometimes in tandem, sometimes separately. We met many followers of the Emperor, though heard many yells from foul Xenos-lovers and even spied a dangerous Renegade Marine.

At the end of the day, one of my cadre was selected to carry the word of the Ultramarines to the people, and was given a special edition of the Ultramarines videopic to enable him to do so, signed by its author Dan Abnett, who chronicled fellow Inquisitor Eisenhorn's exploits.

Additionally, I was selected to return home with a piece of this intriguing event, a "Realm of Battle." All in all, it was an illustrious day, more of which may be viewed here.

A Cadre member holding the great Chronicle of the Ultramarines.

The signature of the author of the great chronicle of the Ultramarines, Dan Abnett.

The Realm of Battle and Terrain given to me to return with to the Inquisitorial palace.

[[Serious report on Gamesday yet to come, keep an eye out.]]

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