Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Armies on Parade Showcase

Hey Everybody,

DFK! back again with more (serious this time) Gamesday coverage. Here is a showcase of all the Armies on Parade entries I was able to take, at least the ones that didn't turn out blurry.

Please note that I apologize for the angle and glare on many of these pics, the angle and dirtiness of the plexiglass meant it was very hard to get good pics of these armies. Some were, in my opinion, not really on par to be displayed next to others, but I've got a brief description of all of them.

This daemon army was in the selection of candidates who could be voted on the day-of as last minute contenders. It had my vote. Not as flashy as some of the others, but the river of blood looked great and the models themselves were fantastic. Plus, I like a nice clean aesthetic most times.

Another last-chancer entry.

This lizardmen display riding a giant Star Wars toy won notice in White Dwarf as well as the fan's choice for the day-of competition. I thought it was fantastic, but too busy. Some close-up shots of the details.

Another last-minute contender. This bad boy lit up, which was phat.

A last-minute guardsmen list. The display board was too simple for it to be a real contender, in my opinion, and the river was just painted on. All in all, good showing.

Some doodz on bikes trying to get their fan-vote on.

Dark angels with a light-up thunderhawk. This one gets props for cost factor alone.

Some Fenrisian residents coming out to play. The snow effects on this bad boy were pretty nice.

The first of the day that weren't up for fan choice... everything from here on was in the final running.

Here are what felt like the only Tau at Gamesday. Very, very little Tau on display. I thought they were pretty sharp though, hence the closeup.

Some of my furry pals (Skaven are one of my WHFB armies).

Dirty chaos marines, including a well painted greater daemon, or whatever that is.

A really compelling Slaanesh themed army. Also got a WD mention. I really dug this color scheme.

I think these are Dark Elves. Sorry about the shitty angle.

Some blood angels with a cool looking fortress/landing pad.

Ze Empire! Something I don't see alot at the FLGS, come to think of it.

Orkses, precious. Orkses.

I was really taken in with these bugs. I thought some of the conversions were fantastic and the color scheme was very appealing.

Not sure if this is a tervigon or a tyrannofex, but I thought it was a great carni conversion.

A sweet bug objective marker with the monster coming out of the Astartes.

A great swarmlord rendition.

Dark Eldar, coming through a portal, and some really crappily-placed glare. Sorry about that.

These Black Templars won the day, apparently. I love templars. I was gonna play with them at Aard boyz this year til I realized I didn't have the models to pull it off. But this list is somebody using a different codex, which pisses me off. Land Speeder Storms don't go in a BT list, even if you're using Forgeworld. There are no all-neophyte squads. The total throw-away of a codex's fluff on an army display (which doesn't have to be competitive and should to my mind therefore be largely fluff-based) is really annoying. Last place, IMNSHO

More of those Sons of Sanguinius.

Some Tomb Kings, and some more glare. I really did hate this plexiglass. This was the best shot I could get of these guys, sadly.

Blood Angels must be all the rage... here's more! To be fair, this display WAS pretty cool though.

Some lord of the rings presence rocking out the army display. I can dig it.

Stay tuned for a Golden Demon showcase as well!

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