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Demons VS Jump BA 1850

Ok so Epic Loot had the grand opening tourney and wan't really sure what to expect going in.  The over view post with pictures and results can be found here. I decided to use the event to test a few things since I have been prepping for Nova. At first glance I was considering just dropping 150 points from what I am most likely playing at NOVA to get some practice. However I decided instead to go another route and test some war gear options and to keep myself troop heavy again as good trial run on how different things work. I ended up with this list. 

3 heralds zinch, master, bolt
2 units fiends x 6, unholy might
1 unit blood crushers x 5 Icon,Fury, instr
3 units plague bearers x 5
2 units letters x 7
3 grinders, Tongue

The army is still rather large and the test for the day is going to be Tongue on the grinders to see how I like running it. It offers my only str 10 shooting which solves some issues for my codex. It isn't overly reliable but at least I can pretend to be able to hurt a LR. I have been testing all the load outs for grinders and princes to see what works best for my play style. Also I wanted to run the heralds without breath to see how I feel about that. I have been taking breath since adepticon but wanted to see if I could play them without freeing up almost a 100 points. I normally take phlegm and breath to make them more killy and for BA honestly. However I want to see how the army works without them so I figured this would be a great three test games forcing me to see how Tongue works vs phlegm. 

Round 1 I get paired off against a friend Josh who is also a fellow club member. Of course he brought BA jump spam to the event which is funny since its the perfect storm of why I take all those upgrades I didn't take this time. =P I am not bummed though that honestly means it will be a very solid test game to see how the list does without them. 

Josh brought

Libby sword/unleashed
Sang priest x 2
3 x 10 man assault squad, melta, melta, power fist
2 x 10 man assault squad melta, melta, power weapon
3 x 5 man DEV's all missile launchers

The mission was 

Round 1 Strategic Positioning

The first step to securing the planet is establishing control over strategic positions near the munitions depot. Your forces fan out to secure cover and clear fire lanes before enemy forces can take advantage of them.

Deployment -Spearhead

Victory Conditions- Table quarters. Center 1’ circle counts as a 5th table quarter. Player with the most KP’s in a quarter claims the quarter. Non transport troop units count as 2 KP’s for these purposes. A unit cannot count toward multiple quarters, but the player can choose which quarter a unit straddling multiple quarters occupies.

Bonus Points:

+1 for the player who has scored more kill points

+1 if a player controls 4 or 5 quarters

The table we ended up on was pretty terrain ready with two large ruins. We rolled off and I won I chose to go first because I wanted to keep from deploying his Devs in those large building. I chose my deployment zone to put him in all those small building in the back. 

Josh deployed everyone on the table after confirming that I didn't bring any templates of make BA sad face death on my grinders. He positioned his army so that everything got FNP and all the power fist squads are in the front with power weapons are behind. 

These two green dice show that only angry crazy thirsty marines in his army...happen to be the one's who hide in the back and shoot rockets. 

I split my wave pretty evenly my plan isn't rocket science I need to hit one flank and do some damage in hth. I get my primary wave and come down. 

Crushers land close to be a threat and mobile cover for my fiends that will act as a counter charge unit depending on what he does. The grinder goes middle he isn't much of a threat but putting him there means he can't be ignored and Josh has to decide what will deal with him other wise he'll charge into something. 

I drop the plague bearers back into cover but close enough I can move them up the next few turns depending on what happens. I attempt to drop two heralds in the back to support the crushers with some shooting but.. I mishap one back to reserve. 

My letters mishap and Josh gets to place them. He puts them on the right flank so that he can use a squad that wouldn't be doing anything to wipe them out. Not much I can do about that I do run to spread them out but they are most likely a lost cause. Josh is a savvy player and won't be taking any chances. My shooting is sad and kills three marines. First blood is mine... a minor personal win. 

Blood Angles Turn 1

The BA surround the letters moving in for the kill. 

All his units move up into positions to lay down the pain. 

Josh is concerned with the Fiends for the counter charge so he shoots several units into them but only ends up doing two wounds. My saving was well above average but his wounding wasn't fantastic either. He concedes that he can't split any more of his firepower because the Crushers have to be dealt with first though. 

Shooting drop the letters down to four and his last minute choice to add a priest gives his units init on the charge. 

His shooting into the crushers from multiple squads and some devs only gets him 1 wound.So not wanting to take any chances he assaults into 5 crushers with 3 units of assault marines. The combat is epic and if he loses he pretty much loses the game so its the safe option and a gamble at the same time. The first unit of assault marines fails to do any wounds. The second unit of assault marines only does a handful and it leaves it up to libby squad who does a ton of wounds taking out most the crushers.I have a bad round of rolling and fail to get many to hit rolls in. So I only do a few wounds its actually sad lol.The combat was so epic and funny as I made so many saves from the first two squads though. I wiff and only kill a couple marines. the fists go and wipe me down to one crusher that I lose to fearless wounds. He did it, but it took all three of his squads to do so. Had the libby not charged in I would have won combat. It was a really cool combat. 

The assault squad easily eats through the letters

I drop my two heralds on the bottom and move the other to support them. I then shoot into the libby squad but fail to kill much maybe one marine between all three of them shooting. I then counter charge into the libby squad with the fiends and totally blow it some how lol. I only do a handful of wound and maybe one rend to top it off. I lose combat and fall down to only two fiends when its all done which after the last combat leaves me looking bleak. 

My other fiends mishap and he places them in range of everything. I put some plague bearers next to them to try for some cover but its not looking good for them as well either if they fall next turn Josh has pretty much crippled my army at this point. 

BA Turn 2

He moves up and multi assaults linking the two new assaults vs heralds and the fiends. He wipes out all units involved and the fiends fail to drag but one or two marines down with them. 

His shooting goes very well this round and he wipes out the plague bearers and the fiends down to 3 models before charging in with two squads. 

 He consolidates toward my units.

At this point I have lost but no reason to stop testing things. I have never seen how plague bearers are vs BA jump troops so to spite him and see what happens I charge them with plague bearers. denying him the charge bonus and we tie combat.  It appears plague bearers are annoyingly hard to kill for most marines lol. 

I drop two grinders right next to him to shoot and flamer him just to see if I make the scatter drops and I do. I roll to see how may wounds I cause just for fun. 

We call the game at this point I have no chance of actually even being able to contest anything at this point and we only have enough time to rush through his next turn before we run out of time. We already agreed we would be done after my turn I didn't think it would matter but wanted to see what would happen just to know. Josh had no problem with rolling a few more dice to humor me. 

Josh got max points and ROFLSTOMPED my head into the curb. LMAO. It was a fun game though and a great test game. While depending on dice I would have stood a chance its again very clear that I would have been much better off this game with breath and phlegm upgrades that I didn't bring. =P The Grinders, and heralds were pretty much useless this game which is most my list. Taking out my crushers and fiends early and taking hardly any losses from doing so was huge and crushed me. 

Thanks Josh for a great game though. Losing to Josh never hurts my feeling and losing to the guy who wins the event also never hurts my feelings. lol.  I move on to round 2 with 1 point. 

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