Sunday, August 7, 2011

Demons Vs Demons 1850

Round 2 of the local tourney I got matched up to another demon player. I actually had to play one of the winners from last round because that is how the brackets broke down. So my opponent actually had scored 7 points last round. However he was also playing demons.

The mission this time broke down like this. 

Round 2 Secret Mission

With the initial skirmishes complete, a choice awaits you and your command. Your forces can either strike the enemy in an attempt to degrade their capabilities before they can establish defensive positions or you can seize and dig in to defensible positions with your own forces.

Deployment –Dawn of War

Victory Conditions- Each player chooses either of the following to be his/her primary mission:

1. Annihilation – Standard kill points as per rulebook

2. Seize Ground- Control more of the 4 objectives

The player’s primary mission is chosen before any rolls are made, and should be written on provided sheets and set to the side. You do not have to tell your opponent which mission you have chosen until after the game is over.

If a player completes their primary mission and their opponent fails s/he gets a win.

If both players complete their primary mission, it is a draw.

If a player fails to complete their mission they score a loss. It is possible for both players to lose.

+1 for killing all of the enemy HQ’s

+1 for having more units in your enemy’s deployment zone

The demon army I faced was
Blue Scribes
5 crushers
2 units 4 flamers
2 units 15 letters
11 pink horrors
Demon Prince mark of neshy and all the trimmings

We roll off and I win and choose to go first. The table we got matched on looked like this. I will refer to my army as msu demons and his as mixed demons from this point on. 

I do a very balanced split and get my primary choice. I then drop my grinder, crushers, and fiends central to react to were he drops in. I also run to spread out and take up as much area as possible before he comes in a page out of most my opponents play books. 

Turn one Mixed Demons

His preferred wave is all Khorne to start off. He brings his Thirster on the left hand side right by my letters and grinders.

He attempts to bring his Letters in in his deployment zone but scatters. We have a fun moment to see if he can actually fit his unit on top of the hill he scattered too. They just barely fit so he doesn't suffer a mishap. I know I am the enemy here but I am excited too I have been on that end of the dice and every time you don't mishap its a win for the demon player lol. 

The crushers come in by my letter squad ready to bring the pain. 

His other letters comes on the top right in his deployment zone since its a nice open area. 

MSU turn 2

We have a good laugh about how my first wave is the size of his entire army. My letters and my Grinder charge into his thirster. I don't expect the Grinder to live but it means he has to use some of the attacks to kill it instead of letters so they may keep him locked up longer and take a couple wounds before its all over. The Thirster smashed the Grinder and takes three wounds in return and they all stay locked in. 

I charge his Crushers with my letters and my fiends and they wipe them out. I consolidate into cover with my fiends and spread out the letters. 

 I got a Grinder in that came down by the letters using the icon I was going to flamer them down but The crushers didn't get a very good move through terrain roll and I didn't want to risk not getting the charge off. So I ended up not shooting them at all and wiped them out in hth combat.

Mixed Demons turn 2

He gets his horrors and blue scribes in from reserve but they scatter off the table and are destroyed. A major loss. His letters are close enough to charge my letters but he is strung out to do so and doesn't get all his attacks. He wipes my squad down to four letters and we stay locked up. 

None of his flamers come in or his prince. I dont' have any pictures of my turn but I send hte fiends over and wipe out the letters saving two of my letters. His Thirster on my turn finally kills the last of the letters squad still down to one wound. 

Mixed Demons turn 3

His flamers came in and mass glance my grinder and immob it.  

His Thirster moves up and he decides to charge my Plague Bearers and wipe out one of my troops. 

Since he assaulted into cover I went first and the Plague bearers did one wound and the Thirster failed his save!!! It might be the first time the zombies have won combat in forever and most likely the last time they get the better of a Thirster. 

MSU demons turn 4

I kill his flamers and spread out. He only has two units left in reserve. 

Mixed Demons Turn 4 

He didn't get his DP and only got one more squad of flamers. He drops them to kill the letters for a personal Victory. They direct Hit and he shoots them away. 

On my turn my Fiends run up and munch on the flamers. 

At this point we call the game the only thing he has left is a DP in reserve. He commented that every time he plays a demon on demon game who ever goes first usually wins because the charge is so important. I leave the table with MAX points. 

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