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Demons VS Dark Eldar 1850

Ahhhhh this is actually the second time I typed this. I finished the entire report with all kinds of comments and nonsense and Blogger logged me out and didn't save any of it SAD PANDA!! >_< so I am going to attempt to type this thing up again real fast since I was hoping to have this posted hours ago already. My last round of the tourney I was matched up against Dark Eldar. They are pretty Dark Eldar though =P they actually won best painted. The mission was the following.

With positions established and the munitions depot in sight, all that remains is the final bloody push to control the depot itself. As the forces prepare to move out, your scouts bring a wild eyed bearded squat into your camp. It turns out he is one of a handful of survivors who has somehow managed to scrape out a solitary existence on this planet for years. You initially dismiss his offers to join you in exchange for beer. Until you see the gleaming weapon at his side that is.

Deployment –Pitched Battle

Victory Conditions- Claim the center objective. Player with the most troop units with a model within 6” of the center of the table is victorious.

Special Rules:

Squat Survivor

Each player will be provided a squat model for the game who uses the following profile:

Ws Bs S T Wo I A Ld Sv

4 4 3 4 1 2 1 9 4+

Independent character

He is armed with a close combat weapon and an EMP launcher. **Clarification for Daemon Armies** Since the squat is not a deamon, he is an exception to the normal daemon rules and does not deepstrike in. He must start on the board or come from reserves as normal.

EMP Launcher

The EMP launcher is Heavy 1, 48” range, large blast. For any vehicle touched by the large blast template, roll a d6 with the following results: 1-No Effect, 2-5- Glancing Hit, 6- Penetrating Hit. No saves of any kind can be taken against this. The weapon has no effect on non vehicle units.

Bonus Points: +1 if your squat is alive at the end of the game. 

+1 for killing all enemy fast attack units

The Dark Eldar army was roughly. (I say roughly since again it didn't save my other report and I threw away the list already.) 

Archon with 5 trueborn and a Venom
2 squads warriors with Raiders and dark lance
6 Reaver jetbikes
5 mandrakes
10 bloodbrides with Raider and Dark Lance
Razorwing plain of shooty death with 2 lances, and 4 missiles. 
Ravager with 3 cannons
Ravager with 3 Dark Lances

We roll off and I win and choose to go second. The board has a nice even spread of terrain. overall the terrain has been really solid every round. 

He starts his army on the center line and puts his squat in the building in the center. On his turn he basically unloads his warriors into the terrain in the center to hold down the fort. He reserves several units as well. 

His mandrakes infilitrate into the building on the bottom right. They are actually on the bottom floor but it was easier to put them on the top because of the terrain so we just agreed they are on the bottom. 

I haven't actually seen anyone run mandrakes before so I asked him how they have been working for him. I was told that they are horrible as he starts laughing. He said they are a hth unit that suck at hth and that he brought them because they are done to fill up points. lol. 

Demons Turn 1

I put my squat into reserve and get my primary wave. I drop my Plague bearers by the mandrakes I plan on charging them since I haven't ever seen them on the tabletop and seeing how they react in combat. 

I drop a Grinder, fiends, and a herald on the right side of the board. 

The grinder shoots and takes out one of the raiders.

I drop a Grinder and my crushers on the left side of the board the other Grinder is foiled by the flickerfield. 

Dark Eldar Turn 2

His razorwing DS's in behind the Crushers and unloads his massive amount of shooty death into the squad. 

Shooting form the Venom, Raider, and Archon wreck the Nurgle Grinder. 

The Ravager comes on from reserve and Triple Dark Lances the Grinder does nothing. The Squat fires his fancy killy gun and breaks his legs off so he won't be moving any longer. He is totally jealous that rhino's can self repair at the moment. 

The wyches get out and charge the crushers who have been shot down to two after his round of shooting. 

The charge however didn't go as planned and the crushers win combat and wipe them out after they fail a leadership check. 

Demons Turn 2

The plague bearers charge into the mandrakes and a epic slap fight ensues. 

The dinos multicharge the two warrior squads. I win combat and the bottom squad breaks and flee's. Its only it is already too small to regroup so will begin its walk to its board edge. The top squad sticks combat and locks in the fiends. Some letters Deep Strike onto the objective. 

The crushers charge the Archon unit wiping it down to the archon and his lone buddy. One crusher is taken down and we stick combat. The Neshy grinder comes in just behind this combat as well and shoots and downs the razorwing. 

Dark Eldar Turn 3

The jetbikes to the fly over death move on one of my heralds. I have never seen this happen in game and I was actually surprised by the staggering amount of wounds that he dealt to me. I was hot on my armor saves though and the herald only took three wounds. I was sure he was a lost cause though. 

The raider takes a shot at the neshy grinder that came in last turn but she shrugs it off.

The ravager unloads on the herald with its evil cannons of death but the herald stubbornly passes all inv saves and takes no further wounds. 

The Ravager not to be shown up by the squat last turn decides to triple lance the grinder in the back netting itself a weapon destroyed result and laughter from the squat who in one shot has done far more than now 6 dark lances.

The crusher kills the Archons friend in a fit of rage and the archon fails to wound. They stay locked in combat another turn. At this point we laugh as he decided to not take war gear upgrades on the archon this tourney and is regretting it now. Also the mandrakes and plague bearers continue to attempt a assault phase. Someplace guard units are talking trash about how they are both sissy's. 

The squat was the last to survive combat but he ends up dino food as well as the fiends consolidate toward the middle of the board. 

Demons Turn 3

My squat comes on from reserve and hides in a building far away from everything going on. My letters move out of terrain to charge the bikes. 

The letters eat through the bike squad. 

The fiend charge a raider and a Venom but are only able to destroy the Venom. The pesky fast raider took no hits. The Archon and crusher still stay locked unable to kill each other. The Plague bearers and the mandrakes are still locked in assault as well. At this point Tau units are making fun of them as they slap fight away at each other. 

Dark Eldar Turn 4

The ravager and the last raider take shots into the Grinder finally wrecking the thing. The crew's high five each other and talk about how squat technology isn't all that. The archon kills the crusher in combat earning himself a pain token and bragging rights of some kind I am sure. The mandrakes and plague bearers are down to 2 models each at this point and again stay locked in combat. 

Demons Turn 4

The Fiends run up and the Archon has himself a Jurassic Park moment. 

At this point we call the game. I still have a unit of Fiends  in reserve and he basically has a Raider and a Ravager... well and mandrakes that I am going to send something to kill off this next turn.

I didn't shoot my squat the entire game because I figured if he wasn't a threat of any kind he would get ignored. I wanted the bonus point more than his help this game and it paid off. 

We roll out the mandrake combat for fun and the plague bearers eventually kill them off. Without a pain token the mandrakes are just a silly unit. The game was fun and filled with lots of funny moments and random dice rolling. I end up with max points and in a three way tie for second place. The other two people who tied for second also got the only loss of the day from Josh my round one who went 3-0 for the day winning the event. IT was a great time and a great test game for my wargear load outs like I said in the first report. I also played another test game a few days later VS knights to test some wargear and options against them. I'll throw some thoughts and stuff from that into another post though. Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoyed reading. 

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