Saturday, August 13, 2011

Demons, Necrons, 6th Edition

So the rumor mill is like the stock market, it is all over the place with its wild ups and downs. However unlike the economy the 40K rumor stock is up this week. Actually compared to the last few weeks the rumor mill has been getting more action than the football team on prom night. Its been a bit since I did this but let's make like a wrestler turned actor and have us a Run Down!!! CAN you smell what the Emperor's Codex is cooking?!!!

So Demons got a little unholy attention this week from GW my guess is that as they continue to make unholy pacts with various unnamed chaos beings that granted them the "fine cast" they felt obligated to throw the evil army a bone. So demons got a battle force, and a faq upate. The update is mainly about the changeling though so its only really helpful if you had a ton of changling issues coming up in most your games.. What you didn't? Yeah no one around me does either, but now if it does ever happen you're covered.

The minions of skynet continue to leak out news of the second arrival of shambling robots. First off if your awaiting with cash in hand it looks like your wait will be slightly shorter looking like the upgrade patch will be released in Sep or Oct. I would bet on Oct right now. We also got a few more small clues of things that might come.

Reanimation: - An updated variant of We'll Be Back. Models with this rule who were killed last turn roll a d6 at the end of each phase, regardless of what caused the wound (thunder hammer, etc...); standing back up on a 5+. Res Orbs makes this a 4+ roll if within 6".

This is not as good as WBB right now but I like that it gives a clue that the ability to stack up bonuses to get a better roll for your WBB save. Hinting that you might be able to have a list build out that specifically shoots to get a 3 plus WBB roll. It lines up with the sister rules in WD stacking so I think very possible.

Eternal Life: - for ICs, this grants a Reanimation roll after the model loses its last wound. If successful, the IC stands back up with 1 wound and, if within 1"of enemy models is placed in assault with them.

A very fun rule also in line with the new Sisters rules and the THAWN rule. Thawn is awesome sauce so again I can see how this is very plausible.

Living Metal: - Crew Shaken results are ignored on a 2+, Crew Stunned results are ignored on a 4+. All other current codex benefits are removed.

I don't understand this rule to be honest. "all other current codex benefits are removed" What does that refer too? If that means it works like it does now and melta gets the middle finger than really this is a improvement since you also get a chance to shake off the crew shaken result. However if living metal is now the same as extra armor then this is a solid punch in the face with the nerf bat. Which sadly is exactly what 5th edition was for the necron's so they might be used to it at this point.

The 6th edition rumors are coming on strong still like a drunk divorced man at a singles mingle. The word on the street is that 6th edition will be about the xenos and not so much the poster boys of the game. A very the empire strikes back vibe going on. With mankind weakened to the point that chaos and "not spikey" start to help each other out a bit for the good of the race. Also that Eldar are going to be involved coming up pretty heavy like. This hints again at new Chaos books, new Eldar book, and the long awaited Tau being some of the main codex's to come out first. All could use some new rules and a face lift. A rules shift will shake up the meta game and hopefully balance the books out slightly depending on what your currently playing. Keep in mind the last few books are designed with 6th edition in mind if this is all true. However just like with any rumors this water is salty.

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