Thursday, August 18, 2011

The 11th Company Podcast

So while I was doing my weekly search for things that are awesome in the FTW blog sphere so I could do a "Emperor's Chosen" post I ran into a top podcast post by our online friend Sgt Brisbane which you can find here. Its a pretty straight forward post and it shows what our online buddy is listening to on a regular basis and gives us some advice on what we should check out. Pretty simple stuff. I was trying to find a good way to jump into listening to some podcasts and decided this was a great chance to start. I decided to start with the 11th company one based on reading his article.

Holy $hzzz I was disappointed!! Just kidding I just have to write that because if the guys from the 11th company happen to be reading this it makes it funny... at least to me. =P (my sense of humor is dark and dry sometimes. Other times its not appropriate but at least I am always laughing.)

So I started my journey by going to the "I-tunes" the great gateway to all media that Apple has forged on the blood of zune players, and evil back alley contracts with corporations more evil than them. (mainly record companies) and downloaded a few episodes to check it out. Keep in mind that I am currently not a podcast person and don't really know anything about pod casts.

My first impression was Jesus!!! this show is hours long? I had no idea that podcast radio or whatever you call it is such a long show. I just assumed it was a hour or maybe a hour and a half, but no its like a morning radio show that you can listen to at any time during the day... without the annoying callers and fanboys. Although there was someone that won a shirt.. but I don't think he'll ever actually get the shirt? It wasn't bad it was long I was just surprised being new to podcasts.

Anyway the show is fun and light and the guys don't take themselves overly serious which is cool. They talk about 40k through out the entire thing with a wide variety of topics and segments. The blog and the download also gives you nice run down of what to expect as the show goes on..(Blog is now linked in my blog roll) So if you get bored listening to them talk about something that your not in the mood for then you can jump ahead. The guys sound like guys I would game with and wouldn't mind chatting with about things. Also more importantly after listening to them several hours I don't hate them and get angry when they speak. I think that's important in a podcast. =P

The editing sometimes makes me wonder how edited some of the interviews are? Also some of other segments sound like they might be edited a bit which is to be expected, but over all I think its a good show and as I was told no one uses the language my son can't repeat which as a father is a plus. It gives me the option of listening to them while younger people are in the car without having to tell them what words mean that they aren't allowed to say.. Then explaining why they can't say them,, and why these people are saying them. (My usual excuse is they had bad parents and I am awesome) Ahhh Parenting...

So I am going to stick around for a few more episodes and I plan on jumping on the forum there in the next couple weeks when I get a bit of time. I also plan on checking out a few more podcasts to compare to this one and see what I like. I am currently downloading 40kuk while I type this. So wish me luck and I'll let you guys know what I think as I tackle exploring podcasts. Also if you have a podcast that is awesome sauce, or your just addicted too let me know so I can check it out.


  1. I always enjoy 11th Company and The Overlords personally. Great for when your painting. .

  2. Whew, I'm 1 for 1 so far :)

    @Warflake: I dig the Overlords, too, actually. I listen to too many of these things O.o

  3. Yeah your one for one I can't lie I enjoy the show Sgt Brisbane. I still will be checking out the others you suggested but I don't have to time to fly through them like you do it seems lol.

    I will also check out The Overlords thanks for the tip Warflake.

  4. i am not sure what you mean with the editing. Do you mean it cuts out to soon or something? i often end up chatting with people for 1 hour or more, then condense the interview to about 20 minutes or less.

    Let me know what you mean, so i can perhaps fix the issue.

  5. Hey Pat

    New listener first time caller.... errr I mean thanks for stopping by lol.

    My comment was only about the fact that I noticed it seemed like the conversation had been edited in a few spots. I am not sure you can help that really. It wasn't a bad thing but it just made me wonder how much was edited out? Which you just pointed out to me. lol I was thinking I wonder how long you talked to them and how much you cut. Not meant as a bad thing or a dig on what you do. I actually enjoy the interview section.

    I am curious is it hard to decide what to cut while still making sure the person is able to get the point across they are shooting for? or do you end up cutting out fluff mainly like when the convo wonders off topic?

  6. I edit out a lot of um's and duh's and other speech things like 'like', 'you know...' etc.

    Sometimes people will get on a tangent, and then ask me to delete it. Or we semi stop our conversation to discuss something, or build the list in army builder etc.

    Some people have a habit of repeating themselves, so i cut that out also. If there is a lot of 'good stuff' i may chop the interview in two pieces to spread it out. I like to keep my interviews at around 20 minutes or less.


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