Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cool Mini or Not 11.35

Well I am running a bit behind on life in general after my weekend in the DC area. So I am playing catch up on everything. I threw up a quick review on the blog yesterday and finally had a chance to get this post up between catching up on things around the house. I also have a ton of pictures to go through, resize and see what is not blurry. I took a picture of a ton of armies at Nova so people could see what people brought, I hope to have that up before Sunday at the latest. Here is the Cool Mini or Not eye candy this week though. All rights go to Cool Mini or Not as usual. Smaller update or restock than normal I think but quality stuff as always. Everything below is now back in stock I believe.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Nova Open - Review

Hey guys I am back from my weekend of crazy game playing with the big boys while wild storms happened only a few hundred miles away from us. I did exactly what I wanted day one then got punched in the face day two. lol. Oh well. The event was great fun and I have pictures of several of the armies and Nova stuff to post up that I will get to as soon as I can. I thought it would be nice to do a review from someone not all internet famous to see how the event was for the little guys. So let's get into

Friday, August 26, 2011

NovaOpen Friday random picture dump

Arrived here this afternoon and watched part of the invitational and checking in as the team tourney was going on as well. So far it looks like a pretty cool event and a fun time. Several people seem to know each other and really its a who's who of internet names throwing dice and playing today.

FTW blog spotlight, Sister of Battle points, Nova Open Live stream

As you read this I am on the road heading toward Arlington VA to play in the center of the storm that we call the NOVA OPEN. Everyone I talked to last year said Mike puts on a good party and it’s a must go to event. Not to mention his format is pretty hot sauce, so if nothing else it should be a fun time. Several names all around the Web should be there sporting spammy armies with something to prove. I will be taking pictures randomly throughout the weekend while the demons roam from table to table and I try not to embarrass myself lol. I couldn’t leave my blog hanging though while I was away so what happened this week?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Inspire - Troll Axer

As we continue with our Inspire series this week I have something that was actually brought to my attention by my buddy Aaron locally. This is a Troll Axer from Espa777 who hails from Cali so extra points there. ( I miss the west coast sometimes I won't lie) Aaron is personal friends with Espa and while we talked he showed me some of his work. He has several models in his gallery that are worth checking out but this one fits the our theme with the series for going above and beyond. Lets take a look. Click the picture for a larger version so you can see the detail. This model has a ton of detail and free hand, its pretty stunning.

You can see this model and some more great work at Espa's gallery.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Demons some thoughts pt 2

So in part one we laid out the basic idea behind the first two major problems the Demon Codex has and the best way to deal with them by giving yourself as many options and eliminating the roll for your primary wave as much as possible. If you missed it you can check it out here.  Today lets start off by talking about troops.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Cool Mini or Not 11.34

So if you haven't seen the Emperor's Chosen has gone main stream so to speak. The article can be checked out here if your not in "in the Know" already. Just means I will be helping our buddy out over on FTW a little more official like. The only draw back is I will have to figure a good weekly replacement article to be rotated here to replace that one. =P Either way Cool Mini or Not has sent out the newsletter this week with some nice models that I can't play 40k with but still want to buy... Grrrr curse you guys. Let's see what showed up this week.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Forgeworld PRAETOR

Quick update post to show off the new newsletter from Forgeworld with the shiny new large vehicle. Also a assault cannon arm for the old school Dread that has been the new hotness for a bit. Although this vehicle will give it a run for its money in popularity I think.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Skaven Forgeworld, NovaOpen, Necrons Scarabs

Its the friday after ard boys and all through the house..... wait.. that's a poem we don't have to rhyme here. So lets just say that if your reading this you made it through the week!!! CONGRATS!!! You have the next two days to party and not do work/school stuff. (unless you work the weekend then ummmm... hurray for whatever day you do get off?)

First off there was no Emperor's Chosen post this week and I know what your thinking. Drkmorals you are a slacker good sir. However there is a method to my madness and more info to come on that. For now let's check on the word on the street this week.

The 11th Company Podcast

So while I was doing my weekly search for things that are awesome in the FTW blog sphere so I could do a "Emperor's Chosen" post I ran into a top podcast post by our online friend Sgt Brisbane which you can find here. Its a pretty straight forward post and it shows what our online buddy is listening to on a regular basis and gives us some advice on what we should check out. Pretty simple stuff. I was trying to find a good way to jump into listening to some podcasts and decided this was a great chance to start. I decided to start with the 11th company one based on reading his article.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Demons some thoughts pt 1

Ahhh the Nova is about a week away and we are still in a “Go” status. I still plan on taking my demons but I admit that tweaks had to be made to change the list around. The meta has changed since the Dark Eldar and Grey Knights hit the board so certain units have lost a step for various reasons while other units have more to offer now in my opinion.  Of course this is depending on your play style just like with any list you run however I would find it hard to believe that another demon player feels differently about it.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Inspire - DreadKnight

This time around I was amazed at how a little conversion work really made this model look differently to me. I really like the realistic gun and the paint job is fantastic. Anyone who is a fan of the knights and the model must be impressed by this guy.. So again something to make us try and work on our painting skills.

Amazing work!! The original post can be found here.  Feel free to stop by and cast your vote or give the artist the props they deserve.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Cool Mini or Not 11.33

Cool mini or not newsletter is out with some fancy new small models for us to look at. As usual everything is either new or back in stock and several of them this time around are in limited supply. If you see something that catches your eye head over to Cool Mini or Not site. Also as usual all rights and permissions and such below to them not I. 

Demons, Necrons, 6th Edition

So the rumor mill is like the stock market, it is all over the place with its wild ups and downs. However unlike the economy the 40K rumor stock is up this week. Actually compared to the last few weeks the rumor mill has been getting more action than the football team on prom night. Its been a bit since I did this but let's make like a wrestler turned actor and have us a Run Down!!! CAN you smell what the Emperor's Codex is cooking?!!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Armies on Parade Showcase

Hey Everybody,

DFK! back again with more (serious this time) Gamesday coverage. Here is a showcase of all the Armies on Parade entries I was able to take, at least the ones that didn't turn out blurry.

Please note that I apologize for the angle and glare on many of these pics, the angle and dirtiness of the plexiglass meant it was very hard to get good pics of these armies. Some were, in my opinion, not really on par to be displayed next to others, but I've got a brief description of all of them.

This daemon army was in the selection of candidates who could be voted on the day-of as last minute contenders. It had my vote. Not as flashy as some of the others, but the river of blood looked great and the models themselves were fantastic. Plus, I like a nice clean aesthetic most times.

Another last-chancer entry.

This lizardmen display riding a giant Star Wars toy won notice in White Dwarf as well as the fan's choice for the day-of competition. I thought it was fantastic, but too busy. Some close-up shots of the details.

Another last-minute contender. This bad boy lit up, which was phat.

A last-minute guardsmen list. The display board was too simple for it to be a real contender, in my opinion, and the river was just painted on. All in all, good showing.

Some doodz on bikes trying to get their fan-vote on.

Dark angels with a light-up thunderhawk. This one gets props for cost factor alone.

Some Fenrisian residents coming out to play. The snow effects on this bad boy were pretty nice.

The first of the day that weren't up for fan choice... everything from here on was in the final running.

Here are what felt like the only Tau at Gamesday. Very, very little Tau on display. I thought they were pretty sharp though, hence the closeup.

Some of my furry pals (Skaven are one of my WHFB armies).

Dirty chaos marines, including a well painted greater daemon, or whatever that is.

A really compelling Slaanesh themed army. Also got a WD mention. I really dug this color scheme.

I think these are Dark Elves. Sorry about the shitty angle.

Some blood angels with a cool looking fortress/landing pad.

Ze Empire! Something I don't see alot at the FLGS, come to think of it.

Orkses, precious. Orkses.

I was really taken in with these bugs. I thought some of the conversions were fantastic and the color scheme was very appealing.

Not sure if this is a tervigon or a tyrannofex, but I thought it was a great carni conversion.

A sweet bug objective marker with the monster coming out of the Astartes.

A great swarmlord rendition.

Dark Eldar, coming through a portal, and some really crappily-placed glare. Sorry about that.

These Black Templars won the day, apparently. I love templars. I was gonna play with them at Aard boyz this year til I realized I didn't have the models to pull it off. But this list is somebody using a different codex, which pisses me off. Land Speeder Storms don't go in a BT list, even if you're using Forgeworld. There are no all-neophyte squads. The total throw-away of a codex's fluff on an army display (which doesn't have to be competitive and should to my mind therefore be largely fluff-based) is really annoying. Last place, IMNSHO

More of those Sons of Sanguinius.

Some Tomb Kings, and some more glare. I really did hate this plexiglass. This was the best shot I could get of these guys, sadly.

Blood Angels must be all the rage... here's more! To be fair, this display WAS pretty cool though.

Some lord of the rings presence rocking out the army display. I can dig it.

Stay tuned for a Golden Demon showcase as well!

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