Sunday, July 3, 2011

Warmonger - Video Bat Rep - IA vs IG

Our local Video Battle Report chef Warmonger uses his Camera to serve up some main course Video Battle Report goodness from time to time. Being the game we play it of course sometimes this comes with cheese, spam, and wine, but that's depending on who you ask. Fellow Martial Law Battle Brothers Sandman and Warmonger got in a game as a test run for Buckeye Battles 40k event coming up on July 9th. Sandman can be found giving his tactical rundown of things at his blog 73rd Hellion Devildogs and Warmonger runs our gaming groups main site as his blog Martial Law. (Which I just noticed I haven't linked yet I'll have to get on that when I update the site again.)

Anyway some IA vs IG Action below.

I'll check with Warmonger about sharing these with you guys in the future as he cranks them out from time to time. We won't be getting rid of the picture heavy normal battle reports anytime soon, but thought it would be cool to share this with you guys as well.

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