Monday, July 4, 2011

WargamesCon Q and A - GoatBoy

So I know we did a little Q and A with Jwolf who is the main guy putting together the action and pulling the strings behind the scenes to make WAR Games Con happen. We got a little bit of behind the scenes from him about things he is looking to improve this year but lets hear from a member of the staff too. Goatboy will be onsite and all Goatboy like. Which if you never met him means he will be making jokes, helping out, drawing on things he doesn't own, and possibly randomly humping the closest thing to him..   (you have been warned.) =P

If your going to be there keep a eye for him if you haven't met him and intro yourself and tell him you like/hate his work. lol . Anyway he agreed to also play along and answer a few questions about things so I'll let him speak for himself.

First what was your role last year at Wargamescon and what will be your role this year?

First year I played as it was my "bachelor" party.  The second year I was the paint judge for the main event as well as a judge.  I am guessing more of the same this year.  I plan on drawing on bags too so most likely I will be all over the place.

What is your favorite part about being event staff?

I get a cool hat and I help make the event fun for those coming in.  It is always interesting to look at it from the other side.  I just like to have a good time and hopefully make it where other people can too.

What do you feel last year was the hardest part of being an event Judge? 

It takes a lot of time and my voice is usually shot after the event.  Sometimes the arguments can get heated but for the most part I don't find anything too terrible.  Putting the tables up sucks hah.

So as a judge what would be the best way to sway your decision in my favor? Money? Gropings? Free swag?


Is there anything having been on both sides (judge/player) that you see differently now?

When you make a ruling that is "hard" ie a very grey area you have to be strike about it.  I am lucky that I have two mean guys as co-judges (Darkwynn and JWolf) who makes the idea of the rule hammer much easier to bring out.  There are times when you have to just try and make a ruling that is both fair and fun too.  The worse thing is hearing about bad rules afterwards when you really want to get it into people's heads that if you have a problem come get a yellow hat and will at least help out as best as we can.

Is there anyway as staff you are hoping to improve on this years event?

Just stronger judging overall and I hope to see some more bad ass matches.  Really I just like to watch a good game and these type of events give me a chance to watch instead of just playing and hoping I get a fun game.

What would you say was the best part of last years event?

As always in any event is just getting a chance to meet new people and talk about this game that absorbs a lot of our time.  My wife can only hear so much dice talk so it is great to get a chance to bust out some 40k talk and just be around people that enjoy the hobby as much as you do.

Thanks to Goatboy for playing along I'll try to touch base with him after and get a impression of how he thinks the event went over all.

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