Monday, July 11, 2011

WargamesCon Meta thoughts

Like the ghost of Christmas past Wargames Con has come and gone and either you learned something (and had a great time) or you missed out. There is always next year for those of us that didn't get to go. However anytime there is a large event it is always interesting to see what the meta and field looks like. When you get a event that has 5 or more games you get to see what builds stand the test of time. This was a two day event with a ton of people so you need a build that can stand up to the law of averages so to speak over the course of 7 games. Dependability and Reliability will really show in a list build when you play 5 plus games and that is something you may not notice when going to smaller RTT's. So let's look at some of the information that can be found about the blog sphere.

We can look on Bols and Blood of Kittens to see what armies did well and what types of builds ended up going to the top tables. After Day one of the two day event we ended up with a break down like this. 

Sisters - Heavy Immolators List
Dark Eldar - Heavy Venom List

Blood Angels - Mech List
Ork - Mech List

Chaos Deamons - Khornate List
SpaceWolves -  Razorspam List

Orks - Balanced/Flex List
Space Wolves - Razorspam List

Blood Angels - Mech List
Space Wolf - Drop Pod List

Do we see a theme? Yeah lots of mech because mech is good in 5th edtion the rules favor that style of army currently. Can you play a hybrid list YES you can and you can play a foot horde list but the trend is mech for a large portion of any events I go to and read about currently. There isn't a ton of DE or Knights after day one which is interesting. However keep in mind that its only day one and three more games remain so a lot can change. This is just how the dust settled after the first 4 games. I am shocked at a khorn demon player making it so far I would guess letter spam? .Also the severe lack of IG is interesting. 

If we jump to round 6 the top three tables ended up being

DE Venom spam VS Horde Orks (with nob bikers)
Grey Knights vs Grey Knights
Battlewagon Orks vs. Hybrid Khan Marines

You can see on some other blogs around the old sphere that there had been several Knights players that showed up to the event so being there was no shortage of Knight players and we only have two showing up so far tells me that the Codex isn't as over powered as the nets would have you believe.They didn't sweep the field at this event in fact I would argue that IG was much more dominate and hurting people's feeling after they got a release than the Knights have been. We see two Ork builds even though the nets say the Orks are weak sauce the reality is that the Orks lack balance when it comes to being able to kill things. However.. the Orks have great options when it comes to having mass useful troops which in a tourney environment gives you options. Killing all an Ork players troops doesn't happen very often unless you table him. Meaning even if its a close game he has options to play for a Victory till the end. 

In the end though when all the dice are calm and the dust dies down. We ended up 

Best overall Dark Eldar.Hybrid list
2nd Best Overall Nob Biker/green tide Orks
Best General Vulcan Marines.marines

The Dark Eldar clawed up to Victory with a mixed balanced list. What was he running?

3 Haemonculu
8 Incubi in raider
3 squads 10 wyches in raiders
4 trueborn in Venom
4wracks in venom
6 warriors in Venom
2 Ravagers
1 Razorwing

I like the list and really enjoy that instead of running 3 ravagers he is running one Razorwing I have been playing around with DE lists and I was leaning in that direction as well. Its always nice to see that your theory isn't horrible before you play test something. I would guess the Archon was attached to the Incubi solving the lack of grenades problem as well. 

The Ork list was 

2 Biker Warboss
6 nob bikers with trimmings
3 squads 5 loota's
5 units 25 boys
and a deffkopta

That is a ton of bodies!!! I will first admit how impressive it is to see someone run horde orks at a event just for time reasons. You are going to be rushing every round to get through turns. However.. that is a ton of Orks to deal with and with the meta being anti Mech for obvious reasons not everyone will have brought enough anti horde and this list will be a problem. Not to mention a ton of scoring troops and bodies for objectives and table quarters or whatever else the mission is asking for and really tough KP's to earn. Not personally my cup of Tea but you can't argue with results and it did well. 

The Marine list was a Vulkan list running. 

5 Terms
2 10 man tac's in rhino's
1 10 man razorback
assault cannon dread
2 landspeeders
land raider

Vulkan is still the new black and he has stood the test of time I think. A Vulkan list is still a pretty solid reliable list. Meaning you don't have to play a special flavor the normal vanilla marines still have what it takes to put down some pain despite the feeling that some times they are dated I hear locally. 

I want to stress that its not the list per say but the players that drive these armies to do so well and anyone that has ever been to a large event knows that honestly any of these top
 lists could have taken it. It just matters where the Dice fall at the end of the day. I wanted to comment on the 

Ork Battlewagon list.
KFF Mech
2 squads 8 burna's with 2 mekboys
4 meganobs in a battlewagon
2 units 12 boys in a truck
18 boys
2 units 11 gretchin
3 battlewagons

I am not sure what to make of this list. Its a solid enough list and I get the premise behind most the choices. I have found with my personal list that 4 wagons is a the sweet spot for me as well. This list honestly just gives up on using anything beyond claws and rolla's to break open mech. I have been playing around with Tank busta's and other kopta's but this just ignores them in favor of killy. However the orks wagons rely on the KFF to do well in some match ups and this player is running overly large wagons. Here is a blurry pic from BOK 

As you can see the wagons are about the size of two normal wagons? I understand this is the older model is what they are saying but honestly if I had double the size of my front armor this really changes how the list works in my mind? Not to mention it really changes the ability to get side shots on the wagons? I am not saying its wrong or right that he got to rock these wagons in a tourney because if it is in fact the older model ( I don't honestly know) then I understand why the judges might rule to allow it in play. I am just saying I think it changes how the list works a bit from someone who also owns Battlewagon Orks. 

Anyway just some interesting thoughts on the event it sounds like it was a blast and it looks like we saw a mix of armies show up with Marine and flavors of marines being a large majority of the field but really nothing new. More detailed information can be found on the Blood of Kittens site and I assume at some point in the future on the BOLS since they actually ran the event. This was just some thoughts on what I had read and thought was interesting. Would love to hear what your thoughts are on the meta as a whole or in your area? Is this pretty close to what you are seeing locally? Locally this is close for me I think we always have Orks show and do well at local events for example. 


  1. As you told us in Spains we always play with standard missions because people don't like trying different missions apart from those "in the book". Tourney players would do, as we take it like a challenge, but most people don't.

    Thank you for reading my blog and posting!

  2. Not a problem I will be following your blog from now on. I always enjoy seeing the small differences in the hobby in other countries. =)


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