Friday, July 8, 2011

Wargames Con, Necron Vehicle and Sisters.

The holiday was a success for me personally as I took a road trip for several days randomly stopping places to check them out. We spent most our time in Kentucky and stopped by the Makers Mark and Jim Bean Distillery’s. (also in Kentucky I think every other place to eat says BBQ on the sign outside?) We saw tons of fireworks and lakes and had several fun moments. Like an old burly biker on a Harley bumping and singing Justin Beiber. (you can’t make that up!!) Coming back from the trip the Imperial Officers have no doubt made a move to stop my propaganda from spreading!! (Contractor next door hit my cable line taking out my internet) I have made arrangements to have them dealt with but in the mean time I will have to post update directly through the WARP. Sporting Demons as often as I do the chaos gods owe me a few dark favors surely EVIL WI FI of DOOM for a couple of days isn’t out of their ability to grant? (Also I might just be at a StarBucks but that’s an entirely different subject of evil entity.)

Speaking of Texas.. what I didn’t mention Texas? I know but I don’t have a transition and I am already writing off the cuff in a coffee shop cut me some slack. (I am some snapping and jazz away from poetry if you think about it) As I was saying War Games Con is going on as you read this.. in fact you might be reading this from War Games Con!! (I hope not that would be silly stop reading this and play games) Being in Texas War Games Con must be larger than other Cons since that’s how they roll in Texas. I would also imagine that all the judges and staff have large belt buckles that say DA’ Judge or DA’ Staff. The Bols crew runs the event so I would imagine that we will get coverage on the BOLS site. I am curious what meta shows up to the event personally.

The Newly remodeled Necrons for 2012 are sooo close to hitting the show room floor and I know several people itching to do trade ins, make deals, and take the new wheels for a test drive. (Gotta love that new Necron smell) The tomb spyder’s update sprue has been spotted and details are a bit sketchy but it appears to be a larger model. I was guessing that might end up on the large platter base some time back but with so many new models coming I am hoping that some other large nasty robot thing ends up on it. The Spider is rumored to be larger maybe even Rhino size which is much more fitting for a MC than what we have now.

Also the actual new rides they are sporting are raising eyebrows and getting double the attention from the Necron ladies than before. The fast vehicle is rumored to carry troops, have fancy living metal, move full speed and still be able to fire an impressive load out of weapons. OH and it might get a 2plus cover save which stays in play until failed once. This of course has cries of Codex Creep but as per other rumors even if they are true they may not pan out like people think on the table top. So don’t get upset just yet. Also I want to add that even if it is a little powerful that the “we repair ourselves because we are sucky in hth robots” are over due and deserve a little bump in the options and power departments.

We are also at the same time still getting Sisters of Battle rumors through the mill. It appears that the Undead metal toasters are getting the full over haul treatment and the sisters are getting a slight tune up before they get the full deal at 100,000 miles. The WD might just be a place holder to bring them more up to speed and usable until they can give them the justice they deserve. While I agree this is plausible I wouldn’t hold my breath as to how fast they come back around. Let’s just hope the WD action is more action and less talk and let down.

I have more to say about sisters but I will have to do a sisters specific post once my powers of internet have returned to my lair. What you don’t call your house a lair? You must play marines…..  =P Gonna cut this a bit short this week but well be back next week with the usual amount of humor and comments about what happened. Stay tuned..

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