Thursday, July 14, 2011

Space Marine Kill Team, Necron lack of Codex, FAQ UPDATES.

Two important things happen this weekend the New Batman Teaser trailer will be all over the internet most likely by the time you are reading this (HOLY NEW TRAILER BATMAN) and the Last of the Harry Potter movies will be out. If we were talking in person I would be making several random "He shall not be named" jokes and impressions but those don’t always translate well to typing lol. I am a huge movie fan as you guys may notice when I splice in movie pictures into my posts from time to time as little tributes to things I enjoy. The Batman movie is most likely the last that Director Nolan is doing which is a sad thing for the series as the first two are amazing. Before I start writing a huge post on these movies let’s get into the happenings this week.

Do you own an X-Box? Have you been playing Kill Team? Well why not? The Space marine game came out in all its downloadable glory and for you X box owners you get to play the game a bit before the PS3 gets the thing for some odd reason? Actually since Microsoft is involved I am sure the reason in Money. Here is a the trailer in case you haven’t seen it just yet.

The Nuns getting featured in the WD for a rules update is the next thing in line as far as any of us know but the extra's from the terminator movies might be closer than we think. The Codex is no longer offered on the GW site so either they are coming sooner than we think, GW is messing with us, or we are to believe that they sold out? Yeah I don't buy that either, of course they could just be in limbo until Nov time frame that wouldn't be unheard of for the big GW to pull. So cross your fingers that they don't get left on the assembly line awaiting programming.

The only big rumors/News is this FAQ update this week. I take it as a positive sign that they keep updating these things. Let's take a look at randomly at some of the highlights. 

Q: What cover save does kustom force field give to a
vehicle within 6″ of it? (p35)
A: 4+. Note that for a squadron of vehicles only those
within 6” of the custom force filed will count as

So you now cannot claim cover for all your angry kanned grots only the one that is actually next to the smart ork with the backpack of protection. How is it that a Ork can make this amazing protect everything around me field but no one can figure out how MELTA works? 

Q: If an Independent Character on a warbike joins
Snikrot’s unit before the game starts, can they still turn
up using the Ambush special rule? (p62)
A: Yes.

I am sure this is going to annoy people but honestly locally they already had been playing this way so I don't know that anyone will notice. Now you will run into this at larger events though lol. So don't be surprised when mad doc and his new kommando buddies show up in your back lines with or without Gaz to whatever you happen to leave close to a board edge. While this is all kinds of fun this doesn't change the army  up too much. 

Q: Can the Leadership of Grey Knight vehicles be
modified by special rules when taking a Psychic test or
utilizing a Psychic Hood? (p21)
A: Yes

This is interesting so I thought I would include it. Since you can reduce the leadership of a vehicle by this ruling. Truly there is a vehicle "shaken" joke in here someplace.

Q: Does Astral Aim allow a Purgation Squad to fire out
of, or into, a vehicle/building that has no fire points?
A: No

I am sad this needed to be asked. It is implied that people thought that the special rule of this squad basically breaks a game mechanic. Can you imagine? Put large squad in LR and park roll many dice and make pew pew sounds. 

Q: What happens to an embarked Dreadnought that
suffers an Immobilized result from the hit when the
Stormraven it is embarked in Explodes? (p37)
A: It is Destroyed as it is unable to disembark.

I am not sure what happens to set this up but it's really funny that a loop hole in the rules would destroy your Dread. I am sure it would be all kinds of sucky for whom ever this does happen too, however I would LOL for days if this happened in game. 

Q: Some Grey Knights squads can take a Razorback as a
dedicated transport. A Razorback has a transport
capacity of six models. Can you still choose this as a
dedicated transport for a squad with more than six
models? (p92)
A: Yes

I am pretty sure I can't do this with Orks or DE so I don't understand why you can with some Codex's and not with others? **Shrug 

Q: When two special rules or effects contradict each
other how is this resolved? (p2)
A: Roll off using ‘The Most Important Rule!’.

This is just lazy I think...also what if we can't agree which rule is Most important? 

Q: Are a vehicle’s wings considered to be part of its
hull? (p60)
A: Yes

Yep all your flying ship of death has to be on the table.

Q: If a skimmer on a large oval flying base is wrecked,
and its base is completely surrounded by enemy
models, are all embarked models killed? (p71)
A: Yes.

This actually has come up for me personally two different times. So it's nice to have a clear ruling on this. 

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