Sunday, July 10, 2011

New Store in Dayton area

Locally we have a new game store opening up and one of the Owners reached out to me with some info on the place and location. The store is called Epic Loot and is located at 9130 Dayton-Lebanon Pike
Centerville OH 45458.

As part of the grand opening this month on July 30th they will be hosting a 40k Tourney. Can't have too many local events so that is a plus I think. First off let's throw some pictures of the new location up to take a look at.

They aren't fully set up it would appear since the table aren't in place yet in the pictures but they should have room for up to 36 players. The Grand opening is July 16th. It also appears they have some Computer gaming set up and such as well as a fancy newly painted and remodeled location. I do most my gaming personally at the Krystal Keep but I will make it a point to at least stop by and check the new place out. Also I am hoping to make it to the tourney on the 30th. Speaking of the tourney lets post up some details. 

Epic Loot Grand (opening) Tournament
1850 40k Tournament
July 30th
9130 Dayton-Lebanon Pike
Centerville OH 45458

$20 Entry Fee (Includes pizza lunch). Space for up to 36 players. Swiss pairings will be used and first round will be random except to avoid pairing people who come together.

Minimum prizes as follows (will double if we get at least 20 players):
1st Place $100, 2nd Place $50, Players Choice $50, plus random door prizes

3 rounds 
11 AM Check-In, 11:30- 1:30 1st Round, 1:30-2:15 Lunch, 2:30- 4:30 Round 2, 4:45-6:45 Round 3

1st and 2nd place decided only on battle points tallied (Win=6 pts. Draw=3 pts. Loss=1pt) plus any bonus points

Missions are posted on the site if you would like to read them over


  1. Looks like a nice place...about the same or more room as the Keep.
    It is less than half mile from my house...might be playing more there.
    I will check it out this weekend, I can't make the Tourney though.

  2. That's amazingly close man and a must check out at that distance. I plan on checking it out but I don't have any game time this weekend. =/ Maybe I'll just pop in for a bit to take a looky take some of my own pics. =) (You know further strengthen that asian guy with a camera stereotype)


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