Monday, July 25, 2011

Krystal Keep 1500 Local Event

This last Saturday there was a local Tourney at the Krystal Keep in Kettering Ohio. I headed down to hang out with some of the local guys and throw some dice. It’s been a little while since the last tourney so it was nice to have an excuse to spend the day at the event.

It was a pretty laid back type event and the contenders all weighed in at 1500 points. The Meta broke down to something like this I believe

Demons x 2
Chaos Marines x 2
Orks x 2
Space Wolves
Marines x 2
Nids x 2
14 players total

The event wasn't structured or advertised to be overly competetive but more so to be a fun come down and throw some dice style event.

The rounds were random pairings based on the player number you drew at the start.

Each round you rolled off and used the standard rule book missions

The scoring was pretty basic nothing fancy a win was 3 points a tie 2 a loss 1 and a bonus point for tabling your opponent.  (I think I didn’t keep the scoring sheet)

The event started out with an ice breaker HQ free for all. Basically everyone deployed the HQ they brought and had a big brawl against each other and the last one standing won 20 dollars store credit. It was a fun silly thing and it ended up the two blood Thirster’s being the only two HQ’s left. The dice favored Edge over my Thirster though and he won the Free for all. Congrats to ML member Edge!

Let’s take a look at some pictures of the other games going on.

The event ended up with Exitus Acta Probat (ML) taking first place with his DE.  HOD (ML) Taking home best painted for his Nurgle marines. Sandman (ML) Won the HQ battle and the best converted model prizes.

The TO's official statement was as follows.  

"Mike took first with his dark eldar, Brian took second with his nids, and patrick took third with his space wolves. 2nd and 3rd place was a close fight, came down to having to figure out who played the harder lists as they had the exact same win/loss/table scores."

I might reach out to the TO and get some feedback from him since I think it was one of his first events he has run. Write up a nice article based on the Event Organizing 101 articles I have been doing. Also I will do a follow up post tomorrow or the next day with a run down of my games and my over all thoughts on the event. 

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