Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Inspire - Astorath the Grim

Every time I think I might be getting to be a average painter or maybe slightly above average some model comes along that reminds me that I am pretty low on the scale over all. It's like playing basketball after work but you live next to Jordan and every day he laughs and shouts to keep practicing. I ran across this just the other day thought I would share the work and hopefully inspire those of you that haven't seen it before.

The model and picture can be found at Cool Mini or Not by clicking here. He doesn't use a ton of colors but the effect and appearance of the model are great. I like it and it reminds me yet again I have tons to learn as I move forward. 

However the painter can be found at this blog and his name is Samson. If your reading Samson Great work sir. You have earned another follower and next time I update the site I will be adding you to the blog roll. Also I might randomly email you with painting questions or as I call them desperate cries for help. =P Be warned. 


  1. I often tell new players that most of the hobby is 75% practice and 25% raw talent. Simply taking the time to learn and master basic techniques can get you most of the way there, even if you have only a shred of talent.

    That being said, there is a point when one has to accept their limitations and move on! I'll never win a Golden Demon, but I am proud of what I can accomplish after all these years.


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