Saturday, July 16, 2011

Forgeworld Salamanders Dreadnought and Etched Brass Sheet

ForgeWorld staying true to their namesake has just about been releasing a new model of some type a week for some time now. This week is no different. So let's take a look at the new offerings from our favorite reason to over pay for Resin in fun shapes.

"Salamanders Venerable Dreadnought Bray’arth Ashmantle is a unique MkIV Ironclad Dreadnought packed with intricate detail including ornately carved and segmented armour plates, symbols of the Promethean Cult, and even a jaw-droppingly detailed bas-relief on the Dreadnought’s shoulder armour of Bray’arth’s death duel with a horde of Ymgarl-strain Genestealers."

The model is amazing and if you have a Sally army it might be a must buy. We Also get this nice etched brass set to go with your angry Dragon Marines. I hope you held out from buying the shoulder pads. (Pictured below) so that you can order them all together lol. That way you can play I have WAY more cool dragon symbols on my army than you do buddy. Clearly your army isn't truly a Sally army. =P

This model is great but keeping with a bit of a theme I have going let's spotlight the designer for a moment. This model was designed by SIMON EGAN who is one of my fav's over there. So I am going to leave you this week with some pictures of his other products from Forgeworld because here at the Emperor's Codex we like to give a little more to our readings when we can. =)


  1. Wow that Inquisitor Lord Hector Rex model is amazing. Great more stuff unrelated to my army I need from FW haha!

  2. Forgeworld tends to make me angry and excited often for the same reason lol

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