Sunday, July 31, 2011

Epic Loot 1850 throw down

Saturday was the Grand Opening tourney at EPIC LOOT I headed down to spend the day throwing dice and  not really knowing what to expect. So before we get into the tourney details here are some shots of the store and the table's with terrain for the event. There was a good amount of terrain per table with a good mixture of LOS blocking, area, and all types so that was nice.

The event was 1850 and had some place around 10 people show up. There was a mix of different armies. There was a 20 dollar entry fee and free lunch for the event. There was prizes for first, second, third, best painted, best converted, and door prizes each round. The event itself was well run and fun. Toby the TO was involved and walking around the whole time. He was on site to deal with questions or anything else and very laid back and fair the whole time. The atmosphere of the event was fun and most people where laughing and joking among each other during and between rounds. There was a really even spread of armies that showed up as well. 

2 demons
Chaos Marines

Lets look at a few of the games in progress. 

Aaron won best painted for the DE that Ian started and he finished. Which is really cool since anything won with Ian's armies always goes toward helping out newer players. With paint, brushes, or just starter kits for kids getting into the hobby. So its always cool when his models win anything at events. Final standings ended up being.

Josh Muenich 23 overall champ
Charles Tuey 17 tied for 2nd
Kevin Kirby 17 tied for 2nd
Shawn "Keebler" Powell 17 tied for 2nd
Tim Wright 13 Best Conversion
Brian Smith 12
Mark Hoskins 12
Brian Wheeker 11
Aaron Given Best Painted
Rick Huey 5

Congrats to all the winners!! Again I had a great day and plan on going back to the store in the future as they are talking about running events on a regular basis. Battle reports of my games are incoming as well. Also shout out to Toby for running a great event I repeat this a ton on the site but, Running a event can sometimes being a thankless job even though its great for the community. So thanks to Toby.

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