Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Emperor's Chosen wk #2

Alright round 2, week 2 so to speak. I haven't decided if I will do this bi weekly or weekly just yet so for now lets press on with the highlighting of other talent that is not me. Again I am for the moment sticking with the FTW blog roll however this time I branched out just a bit and included blog roll 2 and 3 this week. Next week we will add blog roll 1 as well. Again the process is simple I randomly select several blog updates from each roll then go through and highlight a few of them here for you to check out. 

So many great posts go unnoticed online I am just doing my part to give a little extra 15 minutes of spotlight to a handful a week. A little bonus for being a FTW member and my way of helping out a bit with the awesome blog roll he is running. Disclaimer I wasn't asked to do this at all just trying to add something else positive to our online community. So let's see what turned up this week. 

The eye of error
-Really lucky No 5 doesn't need any shout outs or more attention his blog is great and a normal stop for me personally. This is a guy who constantly makes me push myself to try and be a better painter so that I can maybe sit with him and the other cool kids at lunch some day. Amazing custom model again and if your reading this great work as always. I happen to bring up his newest post when randomly selecting blogs to go through for the week and he deserves a slot on the list. 

I roll boxcars
-- A fun review of the new Kill Team game from someone who has been first hand playing it and isn't being paid off by the company.. unless I am wrong and he is being paid off by the company and if so no judgement for me take the money and run. 

Bear's 40k blog
-Bear drops a nice laid out step by step guide on the basics of painting faces complete with pictures which we all know is a soft spot for me personally. He then ends his article with some other great links on the subject which is really great and ties it all together. 

khadoran machine never breaks
-Starts off with some almost crude humor then goes into Warmachine battle report again with pictures. I would comment more on it or make some joke here normally but... I don't really understand warmachine just yet.. =P

Anvil of WAR
-This one makes the list because who hasn't set a personal hobby goal? Hell I am doing one of these almost monthly lol.  I just happen to catch the start of Deryk's as he gets ready for an event. So we have the chance to follow along and see if he makes it.. take bets, and root for, or against him. =) 

Columbus Gaming Group
-Another local blog to me so that's bonus points since he is again in Ohio and a nice run down of a tourney experience complete with notes from each round and afterthoughts. I won't give away how well Todd did I'll make ya go read to find out. 

And finally the NEW blog of the week which is when a newer blog starting out contacts me and asks for a shout out because new blogs are like small plants they need attention and help. So we try to help out our fellow brothers in arms as they establish themselves online. This week's blog is 

-Run by Vitor, it's a blog of a normal guy as he slowly loses himself in the warp. Being a newer blog go ahead and stop by. Take a look around, harass him, window shop, or leave him some advice. 


  1. Thanks for the mention, much appreciated.

  2. Thank you sir for the post! Now I really have to do this, under pressure! AHHHH


  3. Just thought I would let you know that you were wearing your Sunday Best when you wrote this post. I hope you don't mind but I have given you and your blog a shoot out on my sunday post.


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