Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Emperor's Chosen wk #1

So I like many of you who have blogs I belong to all these Blog Networks and they are all awesome sauce in a bit of their own way. However I was thinking that the Networks could do more than they do to help promote new blogs and great content. Then I thought really we can all do our part to do something like this. So I decided to to do a highlight of content every week or every other week not sure which yet. I decided to use the FTW Blog roll as my testing grounds. I know what your thinking Drkmorals doesn't house of pain already do a weekly top X. Yes they do (thanks for raising your hand) and while it is a great idea they don't have enough bodies and time to really do the amount of blogs they have now the justice they deserve. While we get a nice list of a handful of posts for the week I am sure that there are a dozen or more posts weekly that also deserve to be highlighted and are missed out on because of lack of manning over there or on any blog roll really. So I want to highlight some weekly goodness for you guys as well.

Here is the plan to start I am going to be using my blog roll over on the FTW site. I like FTW and it looks like for the most part it is a one man show so this is me taking the initiative and helping out. We will do a few of these and if it seems to be going well we will slowly expand what content we are choosing from. I say we not because I have a mouse in my pocket but because I am going to rope, bother, and pester DFK into helping me in the near future as soon as I figure out a more streamlined way to do this. =) (That's your warning buddy) So to start out I am randomly choosing about 25 posts from the blog roll number 2 since that is the roll I landed in. Then I will go through those blogs and the last couple posts they did and post up some highlights from what I found. I won't be grabbing any blogs that haven't posted for awhile though so only newer content.

So without further waiting I present the Emperor's Chosen wk 1.. please hold your applause until the end.

The Wolfs Rest
Dark Eldar Raiders Ravaged
-Rafe has a nice post that opens up with a sister of battle picture (bonus points) then talks about a test game as he prepares for the Nova. Sister Vs DE With a nice bullet point break down of his thoughts.

Trevy's Painting Table
I Vant to Suk Yur Blud!
-We all know I am sucker for pretty pictures,.. girls... pictures of girls.. painted models.. and umm pictures.. =) this is a nice post showing off a completed Vampire count army. So some nice Eye candy model goodness.

The Chaos Manifesto

Batrep: A Kult of Mek Adventure
-HotPanda drops a bat rep on us from a smaller game but goes the extra mile telling it like a story of what happened.

Wolves at the Door
Scourge WIP 2
-The title of the post covers this pretty well. An Enemy show off some of his painting progress.

So I know a Chaos Jump Pack Chaplin has been done...
-Nice simple and great looking conversion to check out. Also if you look a few posts back he has some great looking raptors he has done up. You do good work sir.

A Host Of Word Bearers
Mega Bloks are made for Tyranids
-Finally a quick post about using something to build those nid drop pods that GW just won't make or release for some reason. This blog got extra points this week and made the list since as I was randomly picking blogs and then sorting the more interesting content I noticed he happens to also be from Ohio. lol.

This is a pretty random test run and I will be doing a number of these to test the waters. Expect more to come in the future as I again figure out a streamlined method to do this. Also if you see something or if you wrote something Awesome and you want to be featured shoot me a email for consideration. Drkmorals At


  1. Great idea, I might have to try this myself.

  2. Thanks Warflake. Just trying to do something positive.

  3. Great idea, new blogs need all the help they can get. I have just started out if you want to have a look


  4. No problem vitor I'll give you a shout out in the next chosen post.

  5. Thanks for the shout out Drkmorals! ;-)

  6. No problem Chris us Ohio guys gotta stick together lol.

  7. Cheers Drkmorals the shout out. Three weeks ago I started posting a themed top 3 that I call Sunday Best. The best part about posting a top whatever is that it promotes other blogs and gets you reading blogs you might not of otherwise.

    Glad you liked the battle report. I just find the turn by turn, dice roll by dice account boring so I thought I would give it a twist. WOrks great with Orks but I have also done it with CSM.


  8. Thanks Panda, and you can see the effort put into your battle report so I thought it deserved a little more attention. So many good posts on blogs go unnoticed for various reasons. =)

  9. Cheers, considered me not only a follower of your blog but an advertiser as I have added you to my blog list. Cheers for the support.


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