Friday, July 29, 2011

The Emperor's Chosen V 3

So I am a little off schedule this week, I attended a Funeral for a friend’s father on Thursday and that type of event tends to change motivation, and slide schedules around. So we have another round of the Emperor’s chosen for you, but as I still am involved with helping with other things we won’t have a rumor round up this week. I should have a nice bit about the new sisters rules that should be out early next week and a tourney that I will be attending this weekend with the intend of actually doing battle reports for. Also I have some more Event Organizing 101 articles coming up about different area’s of running a tournament.  So we still have a steady stream of content flowing through the site which is nice. Also did a test game of Demons vs Knights, I am still going to shoot for one or two more before I drop some advice for my fellow demon players.  Anyway enough ranting about things going on let’s see what blog’s jumped up on the Radar this week.

The Tide for the Greater Good - July 28, 2011
-We start off this week with some painting progress from DJPHRANQ. He is making some head way on his "I serve the greater good" army. We are all in various stages of progress on models and its nice to see something between primer and finished. I think it really helps encourage others so this one makes the list this week.

Brush And Miniature Torture
Iron Warriors - First Blood
-Stempe's blog is in German which makes sense since he lives in Germany =) I tend to read and bounce around on several non English blogs so be warned this one will require a translator of some type if you want more than the pretty pictures. This is a link to a Battle Report but he also has a great post with a step by step on painting blood letters to take a peak at while your there.

Adeptus Malaysia
Death Korps of Krieg Engineer Squad COMPLETE
-Ahhh hard to pass up a completed Death Korps of Krieg post. The models look great and they are all complete and on display in this post. Deathcorps even posts a nice before and after shot of his work.

O&G vs Ogre Kingdoms, 2500 pts
-Troll Tales puts up a Warhammer Fantasy battle report with a quick run down of the game. Nice and to the point. I don't dabble in the fantasy very often but battle reports and pictures are always awesome

Sister of Battle
So Contest confirmed
-So finally we wrap up this week with a quick note about a contest. Enslaviour is having a contest over on the site were you enter a model and you can win a year subscription to White Dwarf. I will admit that White Dwarf is much cooler if I don't have to pay for it and someone sends it to me for free. =) Again I always support bloggers supporting bloggers so head over check it out and enter away!!!  I mean who doesn't like free stuff?


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