Saturday, July 9, 2011

Cool Mini or Not 11.28

Cool Mini or not incoming picture action and this week there is all kinds of goodness going on. First off the voting is going on for the monthly competition at the site. So if you haven't yet get ready to do your best Simon impression and head over the cast your votes. For even when it comes to miniatures there can only be ONE!!..  Please step right this way to check out the voting booth. 

Also Via the newsletter this week

"Confrontation lives!

Legacy Miniatures is excited to announce that they have secured the license to the entire Confrontation back catalog, and will immediately start producing previously released and unreleased figures from this amazing and sorely missed miniatures line.

Confrontation was a game published by Rackham Entertainment until it entered liquidation in 2009, and some of the most amazing 28mm figures in the world ceased to be available at that time. Cyanide Studios, a prominent French video game developer, has acquired the Confrontation IP and has licensed the miniatures to Legacy Miniatures.

"We're incredibly pleased", said Vincent Fontaine Artistic Director of Legacy Miniatures and former Paint Director of Rackham Entertainment. "We're starting out slowly and doing about 2 to 4 releases a month, some miniatures that never saw production before Rackham closed its doors."

Working exclusively with CoolMiniOrNot, these "new" releases and re-releases of old favorites will first be avaliable at Gencon 2011 Indy, with the never before seen Hydra and the rare Flesh Golem making their debut. The plan currently is to produce limited runs, these incredibly hot miniatures will be sure to sell out fast!

"Obviously we're thrilled", said David Doust, co-founder of Cool Mini Or Not. "Although we handle beautiful miniatures every day, there is something special about Confrontation. We're looking forward to helping bring these miniatures back to life."

For further information, please contact info AT at Legacy Miniatures, or sales AT at CoolMiniOrNot Inc."

Let's move on to the Eye candy remember as always these items are normally new or back in stock and all images are property of Cool mini the site and for more information or to throw money at them in exchange for some of these models head over to cool mini or not.

Also before we leave the news letter also had a teaser of a new model not yet released. Enjoy.

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