Sunday, July 17, 2011

Conan Demon Prince completed

So a bit back I built two new princes so I had the option of running triple Grinders or triple Princes with my Demons depending on my mood and points level. I modified them a bit as I always do you can see them built here. I was able to get one painted and complete so I thought I would share a little progress with you guys online. I wanted something very Conan feeling with this one so I went with skin tones to show that he grew into this large critter thing once the Chaos Gods starting blessing him for his actions and he has shed most his armor at this point for the sake of combat. I mean who doesn't want to kill things in combat right? Took some quick snapshots outside. I did the wings and the trophy racks separate so I can swap them depending on my mood. My last prince the wings are permy and I wanted to have some more options this time around so I don't have to own 6 of these things but still play what I want.

I think he came out pretty well and will match the rest of the army. I'll add a bit of dead grass and he'll be pretty much done. Now back to the painting table to finish up other projects. I would like to finish everything up by Nova which is several weeks away and while I prob won't be winning any painting awards for my demons. It is always nice to play with a fully painted force and I had to build a bit to be able to field what I think I want to take to Nova. Of course that may change 3 times as I test between now and then. 

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