Wednesday, July 27, 2011

1500 KK Recap

So as I showed here there was a small 1500 point tourney. It wasn't flagged as a beat face show up and take names type event so I brought something a little different than I normally would. I have never ran my Thirster since painting him and I wanted to use the model so I decided I would rock the Thirster and play a really simple style list. 1500 points isn't my greatest points level personally I haven't really found a list that I enjoy to play at that level yet.. Anyway I ended up rocking this.

Thirster, might, blessing
2 units  fiends Might
3 units 8 letters
1 unit 5 plague bearers
3 grinders no upgrades

On a note most the time you always want to upgrade the grinders with something, however I opted to take them bare to have one more threat on the table. Three armor 13 walkers in 1500 points seemed like an annoyance to deal with. The list is pretty basic and NOT balanced at all. I new that going in but thought it would be a fun day of throwing dice not a ton of real strategy. I show up and run at you and you either stop me or I choppy choppy up your army. If I draw a balanced DE list I pretty much lose lol. It has more mobility than I do and unless the terrain is workable its a uphill battle at best. Again I know this going in and the real point of the day for me is to hang with my club mates and smash my Thirster into some things. =P 

Round one

I draw fellow club member HOD. Mack is a great guy and a good sport. He was rocking a plague marine list with 6 oblitz. My list is bad news for him and we both know it. He was rocking

5 Chosen- 5 melta rhino
1x 5 plague marines- 2 melta rhino
1x 5 plague marines- 2 plasma rhino
2x 5 plague marines- 2 melta
3 units 2 oblitz

I dropped and he focus fires but his dice fail to do much damage. He wasn't able to drop a single grinder even with his melta shots turn one. By turn 2 I was assaulting into him had killed two of his vehicles and immob the third. Wiped out one squad of oblitz and surrounded him with my other units that came on. It was all down hill from there. Mack did what he could to try to salvage things but it was bleak. By turn 4 I had wiped out everything except one lone oblit that was surrounded and we called it. I didn't take a ton of pictures because I wasn't planning on doing battle reports. There isn't much to learn or show with this style list so I was pretty much playing for fun. I did take a few snaps of each round though. 

Round 2 I got randomly match up with EAP in the perfect storm of a match lol. He brought fast DE on a board with a large bit of terrain in the middle. I don't recall his exact list but it was something like

2 razor wings
1 squad wynch in raider
2 warriors units in raiders
2 3 man trueborn in venoms

It was not much of a game I dropped in to put pressure on him. He turbo'd half his army away and then took out my fast units, then slow units over and over again. It was a well played game I tip my hat to you good sir if your reading this. I lost pretty badly after turn 1 it was pretty clear I didn't have a shot unless he made a mistake. I spent the game practicing keeping pressure on him, using my threat range and DS to practice getting him to move were I wanted and put the battle were I would like. I also like a jerk lost but denied him tabling me. =P I hid units in cover going to ground forcing way more shots than normal and put most his army as far away from my plague bearers until the later part of the game. You can always learn/practice from any game even if your losing. 

 Round 3
I played this random ork list with a newer player. I don't mind playing a newer player but I am not used to doing so round 3 so this random pairing thing was interesting or odd? The list was just fun stuff he wanted to bring as far as I could tell by memory

Warboss with ammo runt
11 loota's mek with KMB
7 nobs with all trimmings battlewagon 2 big shoota's kannon
7 flashgitz
30 shoota boys with nob
12 truck boys
3 kans

Sean was excited to play and that's fine however he wasn't the fastest player but no big deal. I didn't get to finish this game due to time. I did pull out a Victory but I would have needed one more turn to table the army.

The event had again great prize support. First took away 120 second 80 third 60 plus a prize for the best painted, HQ free for all and a best converted model prize. Derek the TO for this event has told me he learned a ton and is planning to step his game up and run another event in the near future making changes from all the feedback he got from this event. This is good news as the hobby always needs more people running events that are willing to take feedback and improve. I have some feedback for you as well but I'll be sending via email so its more of a private forum. The area is looking forward to your next step up to bat Derek and I again speak for several people who appreciate you taking the time to run a event for the local community.

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