Sunday, July 31, 2011

Epic Loot 1850 throw down

Saturday was the Grand Opening tourney at EPIC LOOT I headed down to spend the day throwing dice and  not really knowing what to expect. So before we get into the tourney details here are some shots of the store and the table's with terrain for the event. There was a good amount of terrain per table with a good mixture of LOS blocking, area, and all types so that was nice.

Inspire - Immortal

Let's get back into the swing of things and start off with another Inspire post, expect these a little more often in the future. As there are so many amazing models out there done to a level that makes me want to paint to a higher standard. This one is from Jolly Roger Studio who I believe does commission work.

I have no idea what this model is from it looks great though. If you like the work go ahead check out some of the other stuff on the site. All rights and such belong to the owner and guys at Jolly Roger. 

Friday, July 29, 2011

The Emperor's Chosen V 3

So I am a little off schedule this week, I attended a Funeral for a friend’s father on Thursday and that type of event tends to change motivation, and slide schedules around. So we have another round of the Emperor’s chosen for you, but as I still am involved with helping with other things we won’t have a rumor round up this week. I should have a nice bit about the new sisters rules that should be out early next week and a tourney that I will be attending this weekend with the intend of actually doing battle reports for. Also I have some more Event Organizing 101 articles coming up about different area’s of running a tournament.  So we still have a steady stream of content flowing through the site which is nice. Also did a test game of Demons vs Knights, I am still going to shoot for one or two more before I drop some advice for my fellow demon players.  Anyway enough ranting about things going on let’s see what blog’s jumped up on the Radar this week.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Prelude to Gamesday

DFK! finally back in the hizzouse. Holy Dearth of Posts, Batman! Getting married totally takes away from blogging time.

Anyway, hopefully I'll be hitting you with a slew of posts in the next couple weeks to help give Drkmorals a break. I need to wrap up that old Facts on the Ground Series. I wanna do a belated "entry" to the favorite mini contest Drkmorals posted about here. I need to do Gamesday Coverage, and I need to talk Epic Space Nuns.

Oh, that's right, Gamesday USA. It's this Saturday, and for the first time ever I'm going. Three friends and I decided to go see what all the hubbub was about and make the trip this year, given that the cost is pretty low, all around. Only one of the four of us has ever been to GD, and for him it's been many years. We're heading up to Chi-town Friday, having taken off work and switched on-call weekends with my peer.

None of us are planning any gaming this year, we want plenty of time to take in the event, participate in activities, and hassle the developers for sneak peeks of the Future. Hopefully may find some decent Forgeworld product, as I have been saving up my "allocation" of purchases for this event. I intend to take a camera and get you all some insider footage, but beware I'm a bit of a bad photographer.

Keep an eye out for posts coming soon, it's good to be back, ya'llz.

1500 KK Recap

So as I showed here there was a small 1500 point tourney. It wasn't flagged as a beat face show up and take names type event so I brought something a little different than I normally would. I have never ran my Thirster since painting him and I wanted to use the model so I decided I would rock the Thirster and play a really simple style list. 1500 points isn't my greatest points level personally I haven't really found a list that I enjoy to play at that level yet.. Anyway I ended up rocking this.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Krystal Keep 1500 Local Event

This last Saturday there was a local Tourney at the Krystal Keep in Kettering Ohio. I headed down to hang out with some of the local guys and throw some dice. It’s been a little while since the last tourney so it was nice to have an excuse to spend the day at the event.

It was a pretty laid back type event and the contenders all weighed in at 1500 points. The Meta broke down to something like this I believe

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cool Mini or Not 11.30

Cool Mini or Not has released several prices for the Gencon Dragon they are selling.

"You have seen all the news and pictures in the past weeks, and we thank you for all your emails and excitement, we now present you the first of many of our Gen Con Indy releases at the CMON booth # 849

Cang the Implacable, Cool Mini Or Not 10th Anniversary Dragon (over 20 inches tall!) $249.99 during the month of August to celebrate our birthday, and $299.99 after."

The model does look amazing so I am sure several of you would love to pick it up. If your going to Gencon then no doubt if nothing else it's worth stopping by the booth to check out all the awesome sauce, and normally they are running demo's of games. Easily a must stop by location. They also have no released the Hell Dorado rule book the cover is mixed in below with the normal stew of pictures. Everything is new or back in stock and as always all rights to Cool Mini or Not.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Emperor's Chosen wk #2

Alright round 2, week 2 so to speak. I haven't decided if I will do this bi weekly or weekly just yet so for now lets press on with the highlighting of other talent that is not me. Again I am for the moment sticking with the FTW blog roll however this time I branched out just a bit and included blog roll 2 and 3 this week. Next week we will add blog roll 1 as well. Again the process is simple I randomly select several blog updates from each roll then go through and highlight a few of them here for you to check out. 

So many great posts go unnoticed online I am just doing my part to give a little extra 15 minutes of spotlight to a handful a week. A little bonus for being a FTW member and my way of helping out a bit with the awesome blog roll he is running. Disclaimer I wasn't asked to do this at all just trying to add something else positive to our online community. So let's see what turned up this week. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

ZombieLand 40k

In the future there is only WAR.... and Zombies. Zombieland teaches us so many life lessons that can be useful to us in real life both when surviving a zombie holocaust and possibly just getting through Monday depending on who you work with. Let's take a moment to apply some of this great knowledge to the tabletop.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Cool Mini or Not 11.29

The Cool Mini or Not folks dropped a newsletter a day later than normal but it's ok I think we can all let that slide since they have a great selection of mini's. They said that the new Confrontation mini's will be redone and released in Resin in a limited run starting at GenCon. So if your at Gencon make sure you stop by the Cool Mini or Not booth and check out the new products. They also released another teaser shot of the dragon we saw last week which I have included at the end. Everything is back in stock or a new item as usual all pictures are property of CMON and you should head over for more info blah blah don't sue me.. =)  Now here is the pictures.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Conan Demon Prince completed

So a bit back I built two new princes so I had the option of running triple Grinders or triple Princes with my Demons depending on my mood and points level. I modified them a bit as I always do you can see them built here. I was able to get one painted and complete so I thought I would share a little progress with you guys online. I wanted something very Conan feeling with this one so I went with skin tones to show that he grew into this large critter thing once the Chaos Gods starting blessing him for his actions and he has shed most his armor at this point for the sake of combat. I mean who doesn't want to kill things in combat right? Took some quick snapshots outside. I did the wings and the trophy racks separate so I can swap them depending on my mood. My last prince the wings are permy and I wanted to have some more options this time around so I don't have to own 6 of these things but still play what I want.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Forgeworld Salamanders Dreadnought and Etched Brass Sheet

ForgeWorld staying true to their namesake has just about been releasing a new model of some type a week for some time now. This week is no different. So let's take a look at the new offerings from our favorite reason to over pay for Resin in fun shapes.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Space Marine Kill Team, Necron lack of Codex, FAQ UPDATES.

Two important things happen this weekend the New Batman Teaser trailer will be all over the internet most likely by the time you are reading this (HOLY NEW TRAILER BATMAN) and the Last of the Harry Potter movies will be out. If we were talking in person I would be making several random "He shall not be named" jokes and impressions but those don’t always translate well to typing lol. I am a huge movie fan as you guys may notice when I splice in movie pictures into my posts from time to time as little tributes to things I enjoy. The Batman movie is most likely the last that Director Nolan is doing which is a sad thing for the series as the first two are amazing. Before I start writing a huge post on these movies let’s get into the happenings this week.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Emperor's Chosen wk #1

So I like many of you who have blogs I belong to all these Blog Networks and they are all awesome sauce in a bit of their own way. However I was thinking that the Networks could do more than they do to help promote new blogs and great content. Then I thought really we can all do our part to do something like this. So I decided to to do a highlight of content every week or every other week not sure which yet. I decided to use the FTW Blog roll as my testing grounds. I know what your thinking Drkmorals doesn't house of pain already do a weekly top X. Yes they do (thanks for raising your hand) and while it is a great idea they don't have enough bodies and time to really do the amount of blogs they have now the justice they deserve. While we get a nice list of a handful of posts for the week I am sure that there are a dozen or more posts weekly that also deserve to be highlighted and are missed out on because of lack of manning over there or on any blog roll really. So I want to highlight some weekly goodness for you guys as well.

Here is the plan to start I am going to be using my blog roll over on the FTW site. I like FTW and it looks like for the most part it is a one man show so this is me taking the initiative and helping out. We will do a few of these and if it seems to be going well we will slowly expand what content we are choosing from. I say we not because I have a mouse in my pocket but because I am going to rope, bother, and pester DFK into helping me in the near future as soon as I figure out a more streamlined way to do this. =) (That's your warning buddy) So to start out I am randomly choosing about 25 posts from the blog roll number 2 since that is the roll I landed in. Then I will go through those blogs and the last couple posts they did and post up some highlights from what I found. I won't be grabbing any blogs that haven't posted for awhile though so only newer content.

So without further waiting I present the Emperor's Chosen wk 1.. please hold your applause until the end.

Monday, July 11, 2011

WargamesCon Meta thoughts

Like the ghost of Christmas past Wargames Con has come and gone and either you learned something (and had a great time) or you missed out. There is always next year for those of us that didn't get to go. However anytime there is a large event it is always interesting to see what the meta and field looks like. When you get a event that has 5 or more games you get to see what builds stand the test of time. This was a two day event with a ton of people so you need a build that can stand up to the law of averages so to speak over the course of 7 games. Dependability and Reliability will really show in a list build when you play 5 plus games and that is something you may not notice when going to smaller RTT's. So let's look at some of the information that can be found about the blog sphere.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

New Store in Dayton area

Locally we have a new game store opening up and one of the Owners reached out to me with some info on the place and location. The store is called Epic Loot and is located at 9130 Dayton-Lebanon Pike
Centerville OH 45458.

As part of the grand opening this month on July 30th they will be hosting a 40k Tourney. Can't have too many local events so that is a plus I think. First off let's throw some pictures of the new location up to take a look at.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Cool Mini or Not 11.28

Cool Mini or not incoming picture action and this week there is all kinds of goodness going on. First off the voting is going on for the monthly competition at the site. So if you haven't yet get ready to do your best Simon impression and head over the cast your votes. For even when it comes to miniatures there can only be ONE!!..  Please step right this way to check out the voting booth. 

Friday, July 8, 2011

ForgeWorld Spotlight- Keith Robertson

ForgeWorld newsletter has come out with a new weekly model for us. Again something along the lines of the new Chaos Dwarf stuff. This week since it was only one model release like last week I thought it would be great to do another spotlight on the model designer. So this week the new model was designed by Keith Robertson. First though lets take a look at the new model.

Wargames Con, Necron Vehicle and Sisters.

The holiday was a success for me personally as I took a road trip for several days randomly stopping places to check them out. We spent most our time in Kentucky and stopped by the Makers Mark and Jim Bean Distillery’s. (also in Kentucky I think every other place to eat says BBQ on the sign outside?) We saw tons of fireworks and lakes and had several fun moments. Like an old burly biker on a Harley bumping and singing Justin Beiber. (you can’t make that up!!) Coming back from the trip the Imperial Officers have no doubt made a move to stop my propaganda from spreading!! (Contractor next door hit my cable line taking out my internet) I have made arrangements to have them dealt with but in the mean time I will have to post update directly through the WARP. Sporting Demons as often as I do the chaos gods owe me a few dark favors surely EVIL WI FI of DOOM for a couple of days isn’t out of their ability to grant? (Also I might just be at a StarBucks but that’s an entirely different subject of evil entity.)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Inspire - Astorath the Grim

Every time I think I might be getting to be a average painter or maybe slightly above average some model comes along that reminds me that I am pretty low on the scale over all. It's like playing basketball after work but you live next to Jordan and every day he laughs and shouts to keep practicing. I ran across this just the other day thought I would share the work and hopefully inspire those of you that haven't seen it before.

Monday, July 4, 2011

WargamesCon Q and A - GoatBoy

So I know we did a little Q and A with Jwolf who is the main guy putting together the action and pulling the strings behind the scenes to make WAR Games Con happen. We got a little bit of behind the scenes from him about things he is looking to improve this year but lets hear from a member of the staff too. Goatboy will be onsite and all Goatboy like. Which if you never met him means he will be making jokes, helping out, drawing on things he doesn't own, and possibly randomly humping the closest thing to him..   (you have been warned.) =P

If your going to be there keep a eye for him if you haven't met him and intro yourself and tell him you like/hate his work. lol . Anyway he agreed to also play along and answer a few questions about things so I'll let him speak for himself.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Warmonger - Video Bat Rep - IA vs IG

Our local Video Battle Report chef Warmonger uses his Camera to serve up some main course Video Battle Report goodness from time to time. Being the game we play it of course sometimes this comes with cheese, spam, and wine, but that's depending on who you ask. Fellow Martial Law Battle Brothers Sandman and Warmonger got in a game as a test run for Buckeye Battles 40k event coming up on July 9th. Sandman can be found giving his tactical rundown of things at his blog 73rd Hellion Devildogs and Warmonger runs our gaming groups main site as his blog Martial Law. (Which I just noticed I haven't linked yet I'll have to get on that when I update the site again.)

Anyway some IA vs IG Action below.

Cool Mini or Not 11.27

Lot's of soda pop to start off this photo set. Which is fine be me I like the soda pop stuff its anime and fun but still mini fun to paint goodness. Lots of good models in restock on this news letter. As usual remember that all these are found at Cool Mini or Not. all rights reserved and all that stuff. I am actually going to be ordering a few of these when I get back from my July 4th road trip. I have been putting off a new order with Cool Mini or not for some time now I'll be ordering after my little road trip though. Enjoy the pictures as we cruise through the holiday weekend.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

ForgeWorld Spotlight- Will Hayes

So Forgeworld is back again and doing what they do. This time they announced a new old school dread model that looks impressive. The buzz is on online as we have something new to add to the wishlist and drool over. This thing is cool and again as they release this pre- heresy looking stuff at some point Forgeworld will be the reason I start a Marine army in the future. The models and options they have for them are just great looking. So first off lets see some pictures of this new model with a little flavor text since its the new hawtness on the block.

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