Monday, June 27, 2011

Warflakes Contest - pink prince and battle wagon

Warflake's blog which I am not sure if its titled "Warflakes 40k Blog" or "warflake40k noob"( but that is a post for another time. =P) The point of this post is that warflaky is having a contest. In hopes to inspire and self promote/plug his page. I am down with that, it's a excuse for all of us to look through our collection of things we have sitting around that we may have forgotten about. Share something we enjoy with the community and maybe inspire those around us. So props to you Mr Warflake for having a fun contest. There is a bit of fine print you have to have a blog to enter. Although I am sure if you pester him through comments and email he might let you enter anyway? If not though I suppose you could start a blog just to enter the contest. I think if you start a blog just enter the contest Warflake might be obligated to be the first person to link you. LOL Bloggers supporting the online community is always a plus though so I am down with entering and trying to help get the word out.

The details can be found here at this post. Basically you have to find a model yours that you like or is your favorite and make a post about it. Then comment or email Mr Warflake and let him know. I been trying to figure out what I would do for the post since I heard about the contest and finally landed on two things.

My favorite model is usually the last one I have finished, and I am not going to lie I think this is because I am slowly getting better and better as a painter. So as I push myself and practice I like my newest model the best. Currently the last challenge for myself was my pink prince with wings that I have shown here before. He's not the best on the table since he is a kajillion points for wings, but I play him often anyway just because I liked the model. He's a pink prince with a blue guy coming out of him as a throw back nod to the fluff.

I do have a battle wagon that I really like. I have had a ton of people that comment that they would like to see how it comes out when painted and this contest is a excuse to post up some pictures online for a army I haven't touched in some time. So here is a converted battle wagon from a chimera. I have four battle wagons and since I am annoyed to have the same model for anything I decided that at some point the orks who always play IG would have scavenged the battle field and made something a bit more orky. =) This is normally the ride for my KFF mech and the meganobs when I bring them.
It's ready to paint I just never made it back to the thing yet.


  1. Thanks for the kind words and that's a worthy entry.

  2. Ooo, I need to get my BT termie sergeant on (t)here.


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