Monday, June 27, 2011

WAR GAMES CON Q and A with Jwolf

War Games Con is going to be in the Double Tree Hotel in Austin TX. The event is the convention run by the crew at BOLS so I am sure you have heard of it in some manner shape or form. A event with Goatboy running a muck with the power to judge games... A scary thought I know =P. The event went over well last year and this year is one that several people have told me they are looking forward to. More so its only a week away so if your within distance, drive, hitch, crawl, beg, or rent a car that just barely fits your crew in it and Drive forever in a manner that makes you respect clowns after you arrive. (That's how Bols gets to Adepticon after all)

So in the spirit of the event we are doing a little pre-con Q and A with Jwolf. Just a quick behind the scenes glimpse on some of his thoughts on how things went last year.  I'll do a follow up after the event as well.

Thinking back on last years event how well do you feel the venue chosen worked out?

The venue has been great.  The staff are courteous and helpful, and there have been no major issues.

Out of all the events that ran last year which do you think got the most positive feedback and why?

I think the pairs events were the most fun for the most people, partly because they are by nature light-hearted and fun events.  People do silly things and don't much care about winning, which is always more fun for more people.  That said, our GTs are very well received by the participants and people have a lot good to say about them (they're just usually pretty exhuasted at the end of them).

How do you feel the terrain was last year?

The terrain was adequate, but we've made a great deal more for this year.  The change from 4e representative terrain to 5e TLOS terrain means that all the terrain we had before has needed to be replaced as quickly as we could.

What for you personally is the hardest part of running Wargamescon last year?

The hardest part every year is preparation - lists, registration, hotel contract, judges, and other staff.  Thankfully we have a great crew here in Austin and good friends around the country that make it a lot easier to work it all out, but there are a mind-numbing series of tasks that have no shortcuts, just hundreds of hours of work.

What for you personally is your favorite part about running Wargamescon last year?

My favorite part every year is seeing people have close games against others that they would never have met any other way, and enjoying themselves.  I always love when the players are laughing at shaking hands after the game - that's when I know the whole thing is worth it.

What area from last year are you going into this year hoping to improve upon?

We had some issues with registration, prize support, and raffles last year.  We've made changes and I expect that all to be fixed for this time.

Our terrain was fine, but we spent a lot of hours to improve that for this year.  Our judging pool is a little deeper this year as well, which should keep anyone from waiting much for a judge.

Thanks to Jwolf for taking a few minutes and committing to doing a few questions after the fact as well. If you went last year feel free to comment and let us know if it was a great time or not? I was trying to find some pictures but with a quick look I didn't find too many lol. If your going this year I would be interested to know what event you are looking forward too. More information can be found on the War games con site.

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