Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tourney rounds from Saturday.

So a quick rundown of my games from the tourney on Saturday not my best showing by far but I some how still ended up in 6th. So other people didn't have a good day either it appears lol. Oh well its all fun and I still did learn some tactics  got to chatty list design and got to test out my list changes. So lets talk about the games. 

Game One I faced off against Exitus Acta Probat I have only played him one other time and I have never played him at a event. (mainly because he is usually running them lol ) We had to face on the lava board and while the board looks great (props to the designer) Its about as fun to play on as trying to sing a song to your dentist while he drills your teeth. (Shame on you designer) Your models just don't stand up nicely on the board and its a pain to move about. Plus because of whatever its made of your dice don't like it either. So it just gets old fast lol. 

 Mike has been running his termy spam list a ton lately since the FAQ update and I have been looking forward to facing off against it. Mike is no slouch on the table and is well practiced with his armies. I know that demons aren't easy for his army though so I was curious what his strategy was going to be. The missions was basically the capture control missions that everyone tends to Tie which was odd for the first round of a tourney. 
Mike spread out across the middle and gave himself a ton of options waiting to see what I would do. I came down turn one and took out a squad of bikes to take away his homing becons on one side of the board. What I would like to say was a epic battle between hulking terminator armor and demons crashing into each other as hammers are swung and God's challenged was really.. not a solid game. Mike's dice decided he wasn't going to win and he stuck it out through 4 turns of horrible rolling. 

When I say horrible rolling I mean he would charge me with a squad and out of 9 or so thunderhammer attacks he would do one or two wounds tops. This would happen on more than one instance during the game. He would fail 3plus saves all over the place and it just wasn't going well. 

It was clear by turn four I would table him or vastly close to it unless something amazing happened so after we did most of turn four we called it and shook hands. There wasn't a reason to play it out. We got cleaned up and talked tactics, army lists, and options. We even talked tactics on the game we just played and other ways we both could have gone about it. It was interesting to have the time to talk about why we each did things and what the other person would have done and why. 

I ended up with Max points and don't consider this is a game with Mike. A tie at best since his dice beat him not me. Hear that mike I want a rematch!! we have played twice and both are ties. =P
 Don't feel bad for Mike though his dice came back from the dead and he actually went on to take 3rd place before the day was done.

Round two I played Dickie who I have played a few times now. I like playing Dickie lol its always a rivalry thing and its all in good fun. He was again sporting chaos nurgle demons. His list is solid I think and people underestimate it. 

He deployed stole the initiative and then moved up like this. I had two options really I could come down strong in front and start taking out his dreads and weather a turn of fire, or I could come on the right flank and focus on his princes ignoring half or more of his army that could target me for a turn or two because of the terrain he deployed around. 

I opted to cut his forces in half then something happened. I DS mishaped my Fiends and then it was very clear that I had taken Mike's dice luck with me from last round. (Your welcome Mike lol ) He ate the Fiends on his turn one. 

I did come down and take his prince down to one wound with shooting. 

Sadly he then attacks my princes with his. He shoots doing one wound to each but it doesn't matter. He assaults and does 5 wounds and I fail four Then we repeat exactly with the other prince. Yep he kills them both. 

My luck with dice is pretty much the same through out this entire game lol. I can't do much at all. my shooting is horrible my rolls are horrible lol. Dickie slaughters through me like Santa Claus at a cookie buffet. I kill his princes with my crushers then he kills my crushers with zerkers lol. I can't do much and I try to laugh with him a bit while my rolling almost makes him feel bad. Its all good though I'll get him next time. 

Round Three I face off against Josh and his Seer Council list. Its been a odd day and I don't really understand how I got matched with Josh since he is max points at this point. Oh well. After my last game this should be simple I don't plan on putting too much thought into it just throw my army at him and let us smash into each other and let the dice sort it out. 

The problem is my dice aren't in a sorting mood so his dice carry the weight lol. I start off by getting flipped and having to play with my secondary wave which normally isn't horrible but I really wanted my crushers for his list lol. Then when they come on they mishap 10 inches and he gets to place them in the farthest corner of the battlefield. Like nerds in Highschool they will be getting no action this game. 

 He slowly eats through my army with his elite pointy eared bikers of death. There isn't a ton I can do. My dice aren't done being angry at me from last game. I assault his vehicles and roll 30 attacks and get no hits. The only thing he can't kill for some reason are the plague bearers who tie up a normal bike squad for half the game without losing but one plague bearer as they somehow win combat over and over lol.

Again my rolling doesn't make this much of a game Josh ends up going on to take 2nd place. Which is cool for Eldar. Orks end up taking first place. 

So over all I didn't do well at all. No biggie I got three games in and got to do some testing of my list changes. I am not used to playing with the princes so it was good to see how they work on the table. Despite my dice it was good to see some things did pan out. Evenly splitting my waves was interesting since it made getting flipped not matter too much. The crushers larger number meant even with poor rolling they where able to stick around and do some damage in game two. The princes Great BS meant that even with sad rolling I had some shooting go my way that I could rely on. I learned a ton and I think I will tweak my list a bit more which is what we all do all the time right? lol. Besides if I am going to go to Nova I need to get these bad dice out of my system now. =)

Also congrats to Josh and Mike for placing. Good job fella's. 


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  2. Now while I appreciate your humility, I can only blame the dice as a CONTRIBUTING factor...your execution was flawless, and I still admit to issues with Daemons vs my DW.
    Properly played Daemons give me fits when I am playing low model count elite armies...and though I have been enjoying the return of my Deathwing to viable status, I am still working through my own application/execution (but thoroughly enjoy the low model count challenges).

    You BEAT me sir, you just had a bit of assistance! (still considering melting down my cube-o-dicey-doom).

    I don't accept it as a tie, but will certainly accept the challenge of a re-match! :)

  3. A rematch shall be had its just a matter of when sir.. =)


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