Monday, June 6, 2011

THQ Space Marine, Kill Team, and Dark Millennium some quick thoughts

These are by no means overly new news. However these games and trailers have been a topic of discussion amongst me and a few friends the last week or so. Also makes me wonder if all people who play tabletop are also into video games. I know that some people come over to try the tabletop game after DOW came out but I wonder sometimes does the crowd go the other way? Do some people try out video games who don't play them because they are 40k related? I know that THQ and GW have extended the demonic bond that allows them to work together so if these are good I would expect more and better in the future which is good news.

Also it's really funny that they are only making Kill Team for the console which always seems to anger the PC gamers. I always find this funny since so many games only come out on PC and they normally just laugh and point at the console gamers. Yes yes these same chaps who rib the console crowd and poke fun all in good spirit are normally the same crowd I see get seriously angry when something they are interested in doesn't come out for PC. They then rant and talk trash and make you think that a Console was responsible for the death of a family member or something. LOL But I suppose that could just be my personal experience and maybe other people haven't run into that. =P Either way here are the trailers if some of you haven't seen them. If nothing else think of this as a bonus post for the week. Something extra beyond our Monday, Wednesday, Friday nonsense. =)

I am most excited for Kill Team with its fast action Arcade Smash Tv meets 40k." I'D BUY THAT FOR A DOLLAR" attitude the trailer seems to put off. It is rumored to be pretty dirty cheap so I would expect it to have all kinds of expansion pack type releases of new levels if thats true. I have heard some people say the download of the game initially will only be like 10 dollars.

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