Monday, June 13, 2011

A "Strictly Average" moment

So the other day I am showing my buddy some pictures on my phone not the type of pictures politicians show each other either get you mind out of the gutter, and this one shows up, which I forgot I took. It turned into a "what game is this from?", moment. I laughed because this is the picture that proves that Brent from Strictly Average is a good guy... or I am wrong and he thinks I am jerk lol. One of those..

So a quick story with for you guys. This picture was taken at Adepticon on Sunday morning during the
championship part of the tourney that Brent qualified for with his demons. I actually had to leave Sunday and couldn't stay to watch the events play out, but I had a bit of time in the morning so I wanted to stop by and check out what was going on. Also to check in with Brent whom I had been chatting on and off with all weekend while I was at Adepticon. Brent had been playing nonstop basically I have no idea when he slept. Having played all day Friday, All day in the team tourney on Saturday, and now on Sunday. (Plus whatever madness he got into at night since Adepticon is a party every evening. )

So I stroll in and I check out the games going on and find Brent playing his first round against Nids. I take the picture you see above with my phone since I had already packed away my camera for the trip home. (I don't know who he was playing because I am the new kid on the block so I apologize for not naming you nameless nid player guy.) Brent says Hey to me and after a quick hello I tell him to ignore me and focus on his game I'm a ghost lol. Then I notice two things. One Brent has the same Digital camera I do, and two its just chilling there so alone like emo high school kid in gym class. I start to think about how sometimes the games are so close that I never get any pictures because I am focused on playing so I pick up Brent's camera. He motions to go ahead and knock myself out and I proceed to take a ton of pictures of the board and ongoing battle. The thought was I would be a nice guy and Brent would have some nice shots of at least the end of the round since I didn't know how many he had taken so far. I don't really notice until this point as I am taking pictures that this is basically the last turn or two before its all over. The game is a really close tense game and there is a ton of back and forth while they jocky for objectives at this point. The game ends up being called on time and not all the hth combats for objectives end up being resolved. (The picture above included) Brent ends up with a loss possibly because of time although he played a solid game. His opponent even mentioned to me he played a hell of a game.

Brent is upset and a little let down and honestly that can be expected. I ended up having to take off so I didn't get to watch the rest of the rounds. However after the event I look back and basically Brent has several pictures of his loss because I was trying to be a nice guy which is either understable, funny, or makes me a Jerk. =P "Man I have all these pictures of my dramatic loss because of that Charles guy, what a @#$@",  lol ..

Anyway just thought I would share a quick story and add a quick blog post as to not lose the momentum of posting I have had lately. I have been super busy  building models to be ready for a tourney this Saturday. I should have some model progress pictures to post up and some things to be painted posts coming this week. (I know actual hobby stuff !!) The tourney is 2000 points and I want to change my list a bit as I have said in past posts. I also have another event organizing 101 post this week. Perhaps tomorrow. Also this means more battle reps in the future. 


  1. Ahh that's always the way though. Every time without fail when my wife pops down to see how I am going my Dwarfs decide the valorous thing to do is t0 exit the board as fas as there stubby legs will carry them!

  2. LOL so true Minitrol I have a buddy that has the same issue when he plays and any of his family pop in to check on him.


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