Thursday, June 30, 2011

GW policy change, Storms of Magic, Necrons Release,and Hrud

Its the weekend before the 4th of July so it's a huge travel weekend here in the U S of A. People will be flocking like crazy to bodies of water to drink beer, splash around, and watch explosions in the sky. A ton of the country will look  like a Kid Rock video while we celebrate our freedom and have a great excuse to play with fire and explosives. Yes you read that right basically in America we drink and play with explosives for fun, while I don't know how smart that sounds when you say it out loud, we aren't sissy's. =P "The Duke" would approve.

I'll be packing the Fam up for a road trip myself and I will try to still update while travelling the country getting mad at other drivers. (Its not road rage if its justified right?) but who knows how things will go. Either way its the end of the week so let's see what hit the hot pages and made the gossip in our local circles this week. (Like the title is never a clear give away of our weekly run down? lol )

GW changes its policy yet again? Well maybe but maybe not. Basically they are saying that you won't get pre order items before you could buy them at the store. I KNOW that's not fair at all!! I want my items before I should have them always!!!! wait.. that almost makes sense that you won't get them early as I type it out. Basically in a move that appears to help support brick and mortar vs INTERweb stores that GW has almost declared war on at this point. They are making sure items you order from them aren't shipped out earlier than you could get it from a local store be it GW or your local hobby center of geeky gathering. While everyone appears to have a opinion on this I think this is actually a positive move from GW. It does support ordering locally vs directly from them to get a item sooner. I think we should support the place we play when possible and being that this takes direct sales away from them I think it shows that they are committed to helping the local stores battle the evil online monster. Not sure it is the exactly right way to help but I don't think this hurts anybody even if you don't agree with it.

The Fantasy update Planet strike....Cities of death... spearhead... Storm of Magic. A add on to the fantasy game that is focused on.. yep the magic part of the game. The book is fancy and several limited editions things shaped out of plastic are also released with it and some fancy new monsters and magic casters. I approve of having new models come out and they look pretty cool. Although I don't actually play Fantasy. So I don't know anything about how cool or uncool this is.. I do know that the extra missions, planet strike, and the tank spearhead nonsense are very dusty every place I see the actual books. I am not saying this sucks but I am surprised they keep making these instead of focusing on new codex's or something else. My only guess is that in other countries I don't get to game in very often like.. ummm.. anyplace that isn't America since the wife is understanding but NOT that understanding lol. That these releases do better? Well only time will tell and if nothing else at this point if your buying all these and excited about this release then by all means do your little dance and don't let me rain on your parade.

What is lifeless, horrible in close quarters, and always comes back? No not your ex girlfriend the Necrons. The evil robots gone wild tour bus is in route and sprue's have been spotted in production as well as a date whispered. It looks like the popular date is Nov 12th ish. This is a rumor of course so like a girl getting ready for a date it could actually change several times. The schedule appears to be going forward pretty close to the rumors though and that's great news. The sisters are coming shortly in a updated reason for me to actually buy a WD. Yeah they put girls in it and I am buying it don't judge me!! I read the articles.....   The Necron's however if everything is even half true should be getting the DE treatment so I look forward to seeing the new models and chopping up evil machines with my demons... I wonder if Khorn is upset when his forces run into Necron's and are winning since there would be no blood or skulls?

Finally we have rumor of Hrud and Umbra showing up in 6th edition. No that's not a country due from Kentucky but two more races that have been mentioned in text but not so much in rules. The orange monkeys showed up in the knights codex giving them banana shooting powa's and the rumor is Tau is getting the return of the SPACE DWARFS.. So I don't think its really far fetched that another race would be around in the near future as well. Also the rumors of the vehicles being tunnelers is really cool I think. More armies the better I like variety and choices. Time will tell if this one actually pans out though either way I am again excited to see what the sculpts and models end up being on the table.

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