Sunday, June 5, 2011


So after having just a taste of the awesome that was on display at Games Day with the couple of GW pictures that shared with you guys. I went out in search of the one ring to rule them all... Some more pictures of the event and all the models that showed up. So if you like this hobby, pictures, painting, or just cool looking stuff here is a massive picture dump for your pleasure. Since my little space here online is known for posting pictures and my random commentary this should fit right in. =) These pictures are not mine I got them all from bouncing around sites I can't read until I found things to share. Just as I didn't make any of these awesome models. So credit to those who are deserve it. If something is yours and you would like your name by it by all means drop a comment and I will fix it up for you. Also by all means share out this link to any of your local community here in the states or other places (**waves to my readers from other places) no reason everyone should have to eat up space by reposting all these to share. =P

Again these aren't mine I got these from these spots feel free to bounce on over there they will be better if you can read French though be warned.

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