Friday, June 10, 2011

Forgeworld News letter 9

Forgeworld has dropped a newsletter to show even more Chaose dwarf madness as well as highlight that they will be at several Games Day events coming up. So for some short angry evil men on evil machines look no further.  First lets start out with the eye candy part. =)


"The Chaos Dwarf Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher is a full resin war machine , model designed by Tim Adcock, supplied with three Chaos Dwarf crew models designed by Edgar Skomorowski, and this kit is available to pre-order now for despatch in the week commencing 27th June."

Looks like some amazing detail as usual on this one, and the actual rocket comes off the model. The crew look pretty good and these models attach to the train one from before as you can see in the picture above.


"While eminently effective as a stand-alone artillery piece, the Magma Cannon may also be towed by an Iron Daemon, allowing it great maneuverability across the battlefield and maximising its short-ranged destructive potential"

I am not a fantasy player as I have said in the past but this kit looks amazing. It goes right along with the same theme as the evil steam looking train from before and really who doesn't like evil steam trains?

For more information and experimental rules can be found on the forgeworld website. By all means head over there and get all the details of whats going.

Also Forgeworld is going to be at

Games Day Spain – 3rd July 2011

Games Day Chicago – 30th July 2011

Games Day Australia – 1st October 2011

If you are going to any of these events I would love to see your pictures or have them sent in to us. We love to post up pictures here if you haven't noticed =P DFK will be going to Games Day Chicago so I will be hounding him to come through with some pictures for us as well. You hear that DFK!! let the harassing begin!!! lol. =P 

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