Friday, June 17, 2011

Forgeworld, Knight FAQ, and Sisters in WD

This week was a busy week rumor wise because not only did we get a FAQ, with a dose of the non stop new release action from Forgeworld. We also got a confirmed sisters of battle rules update!! This like a new Michael Bay movie has mixed reactions from everyone. Some people think this is great and some think..well.. its a Michael Bay movie I probably don't need to explain what other people think of it. I am glad for any rules update and if it could come with some hot sauce new models of DE level detail then please sir may I have another?. Anyway its that bat time on that bat channel so lets do this. 

The Grey Knights  that say Ni got a FAQ release and I am impressed that the big GW has been putting out FAQ’s on a more regular basis. Another good sign for the hobby, however if you’re a Chaos player and not already playing counts as Space wolves like even the people at GW appear to be doing.  (It appears when you don’t name your army something to do with goats people don’t hate on you as much) Then "you  too" will have to deal with the special rules that target demon players. In a move that actually matches game play to fluff they named off a ton of things that also count as demons for the special rules. It appears any Demonic vehicle counts and they basically state “everything in the chaos demons codex” in case some demon player out there was going to try to argue his way out of that? My codex basically is rules for playing “demons” so yeah I kind of except the fact that you get your anti demon toys against all my nonsense and I am sad that it had to be pointed out. Also all demon princes, oblitz, possessed, and mandrakes, yeah that’s right those of you playing mandrakes TAKE that. Now that unit won’t seem so over powered!!! Also the AVATAR is a Demon, which again seems right since he is an angry large Elder Demon prince with a fancy name when you think about it. Several other things are put in plain writing to help TO’s around the country settle arguments with people who think that they can bring a bazillion henchman units for example. The judges have spoken and you were wrong and maybe the TO that kept saying you can’t while you call him names deserves an apology. Just saying….

Forgeworld released a few new things and one of them is actually a DE model check that out!!!

"The Dark Eldar Reaper is a swift and deadly gunship akin to the Ravager. Its sleek, dart-like hull is built around a single, monstrously-powerful weapon that unleashes a cascading pulse of electromagnetic energy. This 'Storm Vortex projector' cannon, when combined with the Reaper's speed and manoeuvrability, makes the ship an elegant but devastatingly lethal weapon."

"Space Marine Heavy Weapons Set containing four resin heavy weapons: a Plasma Cannon, Multi-Melta, Heavy Bolter and a Lascannon; 4 supporting and 4 counter-balancing arms, and backpacks. These can all be used with the full range of both Citadel and Forge World Space Marine kits. Space Marine Infantry figures shown for illustration purposes only and are sold separately."

The real news this week is about the girls in the magazine and yes I actually mean White Dwarf not Maxim. Although Maxim might be more fun to talk about this isn’t that kind of blog so I don’t normally post “those” kinds of pictures lol.  The rumor mill has pretty much confirmed we will get full spread two page layouts of sisters of battle.. …no.. wait we will get a codex. Sorry I was confusing the two again. So what have we heard so far.

No new vehicle it appears so far which is lame because I was hoping for some Forgeworld vehicle options in the new Dex and they are saying the organ of death isn’t really changing much if at all in the new book. I mean whats better than a nun with a gun? A nun with a gun and a new ride of course!! Oh well.. 

The Faith points are going to work differently so each squad will get its own ability or two that it can use on a 5 plus.  Also your squad will create D6 faith dice every turn that you can use for these abilities. It’s interesting since your psychic defenses won’t prevent the powers from going off. Although I don’t know how reliable a 5plus will be when you really need that power. The rumor is that that each squad will have its own act of faith ability. So sometimes the squad will preform better than normal. Just like in real life sometimes the girls on the battle field will surprise you. Most are helpful like rending, twin linked action, or reroll hits and wounds things like that.. 

Penitent engines are going to be cheaper points wise and be able to roll in a squadron so soon a army of 9 of them will be running at your army. Which is all kinds of fun and cool since the model is pretty cool looking. 

Also most importantly the main codex rules will get a face lift. So expect points costs to be lower, USR to be inline with 5th edition and things like that. They are also saying that there will be no more allies. So no more good codex's helping each other which is fine by me since none of the evil codex's could help each other for some odd reason? There is a ton of more rumors floating about most are taken from Blood of Kittens or can be traced back there if you want all the juicy details. As usual I have just touched on a small handful of the more interesting ones. There are still things like the crazy girls with jump packs getting much better and a HQ rundown. I will wait to comment on several of the rumors though until we get a more solid outlook on what is and isn't going on. The main thing to take away from it all is that you will be able to play your sisters again on the table with some fresh point costs, and that they appear to be moving much more toward a sister of battle army and not a weird mixed witch hunter grey knight creation that once was. If nothing else the WD codex will bring the book up to speed and maybe they will release a real codex in the near future. I normally wouldn't be so positive about the possibility of that happening but I should remind you that they do wear power armor and we all know GW loves to show love to the power armor. =) 


  1. Definitely thinking this to be a positive stop-gap on the way to 6e.


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