Thursday, June 9, 2011

Finecast issues, open letters, no more previews, and storm of magic

This week we had Stelek play along and do the same Q and A that others have been doing for event org stuff. If you missed out on it then its in the fast links I added to the right to make getting to certain content easier. Blogger tends to fail when it comes to finding or searching for information in a fast easy manner. So this is my way of trying to keep the sight organized a bit. I also dropped all the Gamesday pictures from France for my non French speaking community and actually got another battle report hammered out. It's been a busy week here at the Emperors Codex but a good week as we continue to be basically be more of a E-zine than a blog. We have been getting tons of positive feedback though as we continue to grow so thanks for tuning in and giving my corner of online nonsense a visit once in awhile. Alas I am ranting slightly so add us to your favorites later because the point really should be that its the end of the week so let's do a end of the week rumor rundown.

Finecast has turned into the blond girl at the bar. Some people love her and some people can't stand her. She can be fun or no fun depending on who you ask. I over all had been hearing positive stuff about the new models with the anger of the price increase as I said last week then this week it appears while the models are awesome sauce. That the material and the QA department on them isn't so hot. I have seen many reports of poor quality control resulting in mass air bubbles or molds not being full it appears. Then also I am sure several of you online saw that the blond at the bar is apparently a vampire, because she is scared of the sun. That's right I am sure several of you saw the melted model that had been left in the sun. However sadly like real vampires this too appears to be a bit of a stretch and also what I would point out as a Quality control issue. The only model I could find a picture of having melted from the son was on the "front line gamer blog". Everyone else I could find that mentions it had no pictures and due to the mass of traffic and negative press it appears he has taken his original post down and replaced it with a run down of facts that is well worth a read. to get the facts from the source then make your own call.  Click here for some redirection

So in summary the blonde is not a vampire, most people like her, she is flexible, fun to work with, has great detail, and is like most girls.... expensive. lol.. (note this was not intended to offend any actual Vampires if you are a actual Vampire reading this I apologize for calling you not real... unless reading that you are not real made you vanish then it doesn't really matter I suppose)

Then if you haven't seen it there is this thing. 

We also had a week with a open letter to GW only it wasn't a letter it is a semi long rant video. Matt from appears to give the run down in a very calm business like manner on things he thinks GW made mistakes on then calls the video a online petition of sorts asking all who agree in any manner to repost to get the attention of the all seeing eye. I salute his mass marketing video idea. Even if that wasn't the intent the side effect is lots of marketing and positive community love for the site in such a clever manner that it has to be evil in some way lol. The video can be seen here. if you want to see the original post. I personally think if he honestly felt the way he did a letter to the company would have been fine. Companies normally respond to things like that. I am not sure how he expects them to respond to his video? 

Back on the subject of "the man" trying to keep us down. GW appears to be turning into that kid who has everything but won't share anything with you. Yeah you know that kid every area had one. No more black boxes and early release models hitting stores a month out. No more emails sent out giving new letter sneak peaks, and white dwarf might be the earliest glimpse at something coming around the corner. This is really a odd move that I don't personally understand. The hype for newer models coming down the pipe is like watching trailers before a movie at the Movies. It makes your core audience talk and discuss your new coming products. I was going to rant about this but I will point you to a much better rant about the subject by someone who has been on both sides of the fence since he ran a store. Exitus Acta Probat's words can be seen here

The evil robots appear to finally have a date pop up that might be somewhat true. They are sounding like the end of Aug or Sep time frame depending on GW's mood those months. So expect some sneak peeks coming shortly in the white dwarfs near you I am sure. Also on the GW website. The only other rumors I had been hearing are the start of the guessing game for this years secret release game remake. I didn't hear anything solid as of yet though so before I comment on the mystery box I will wait and see. But for you Fantasy players out there it appears the summer of magic is going to be a go. This appears to be a entire expansion with a nice book and everything. So expect some new rules, several new models both box sets and blisters. to include things like Supreme Sorcerer of Tzeentch, Vampirecounts Necromancer. Expect new templates and fancy dice that I am sure will be limited edition items for you buy up. Let's just hope its better than planet strike which got released and everywhere I go collects dust on a shelf someplace. Expect the storm of magic around July 9th.


  1. I wonder where the proof of bad finecast models comes from? Contempt or experience. I may not be an expert painter, but I do consider myself an expert modeler and have created custom models from many resin models crossing six different manufacturers. I have now handled 17 finest models, mostly one my friends showed me and found one airbubble on the bottom of a big mek's foot. On the flip side, notches in weapons, scars and other forgeworld level details lost during the metal cooling stage are now present on the familiar models we have loved for some time.

    This hobby isn't cheap, never has been and I give heed to quality over frugal concerns when it comes to my hobby. Those are my two cents though, please don't take it as confrontational, rather just the opinion of a long time miniature maker.

  2. "Those are my two cents though, please don't take it as confrontational,
    rather just the opinion of a long time miniature maker"

    NP I don't take them as confrontational at all. Old School your opinion and
    feedback are always respected and welcome here. (Especially after having met most you guys at
    adepticon.) You make a good point that I have been
    attempting to touch on and I hope I don't come across as overly negative or positive on
    the issue. I didn't play up the melting because I can't find proof of it being a issue.
    However I have heard people talk about it enough it deserves a spot in the weekly run down, with
    the information I was able to find on it.

    I have had several people who have been in the hobby awhile that I trust say they have
    gotten at least one model with air bubble issues. All of them don't say that that they hate
    the new Resin but just comment that quality control isn't perfect. So being that's I have been hearing
    thats what I wrote on.

    On a seperate note I emailed you guys at the main DFG website to see if any of you would be interested
    in doing the event Q and A's I have been posting. Is there a better way to get ahold of you guys? You
    could email me directly if you don't want your email public like.. Drkmorals AT

  3. I think the email got caught up in the storm of me deleting the pre register emails from our last event. I did read it and then it want there any more and I couldn't remember enough from the top of my head, so I apologize. Please re-send it and I will respond post haste.

  4. Np we all are busy lol. I sent the email again let me know if you guys are interested. If not no problem either just wanted to make sure the email wasn't lost in the warp.


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