Friday, June 3, 2011

Finecast, Gamesday, Necron C'tan

Been busy with life and with nurgley kids which is never fun. Sick kids are not toughness 5 and don’t get a feel no pain roll. Plus school sigh.. school is almost done for me and then I will have that thing people call free time again or at least as close as I can get to that being married lol. It’s Friday and the weeks over, so get a cold one, light up your BBQ and let’s do a quick week run down.

It appears that like Gas prices which really piss us off as they go up Resin will be complained about but still purchased. The Blog sphere and inter webs still are humming along with both positive and negative thoughts, news, and rants about the move to Fine cast.  This whole thing played out like inviting your ex girlfriend to your wedding. It seems wrong, a mistake, and awkward but in the end she still shows up for the cake. (Also because girls love weddings and to give you a horrible gift that she can laugh about later) It’s my personally experience that people are standing in line and hanging their heads in shame but still paying for the new Resin product and to make matters worse for the most part it looks like everyone I talk to is actually happy with the new product. Yep you read that right I haven’t talked to anyone personally that is upset with the new product. Usually you hear things like.
“It is really detailed and easier to work with, its crap it costs more but I like it”
“Doing Mod work is way easier but a little more pricey”
“IT COSTS MORE MONEY F&@*# GW!!!!...... but I like it. “
Yes someplace the GW MR Burns is pleased. “Excellent Smithers, Excellent”
If you have personally used it and had a good or bad experience I would love to hear from you via comment or email. Nix the complaining about the price we all get that part sucks for all of us lol.

Sadly still no news on the summer of flyers and the nids second wave stuff seems to be somehow tied to this. Also I didn’t read anything about dates for new codex releases coming up so the only other interesting news this week is the C’tan information from the angry evil toaster army However first lets take a look at the awesome games day model pictures found on the GW website. Since we all know I like me some “eye candy” and really who doesn't?

So on to the soon to be upgraded robots of doom!!! Echo echo echo….
The C’tan are back and I touched on this briefly in the past. (note clicking this link doesn’t actually take you back in time only to a older post. All rights reserved no purchase necessary offer not valid in all locations.) While I am sure there are extra fluffy bunny scribbles of the epic fall of the C’tan or how they got enslaved by the very machines they ..ummm… well enslaved.  The rules for them floating in the rumor pool are all kinds of interesting. Eternal Warrior, Fearless, good stats and that’s just the base model. Before you actually drive it off the lot you have all kinds of fun options like, Everything within two inches of me gets a Str 3 hit no armor saves allowed and if I wound you I get a wound back. Yummy.
One that is really interesting is the rumored ability to be able to make a melta or plasma, or flame weapon explode in range. This Is interesting and a rule mechanic we haven’t really seen in the game. I wonder how this will work rules wise and how reliable it will be. Then of course the epic question that will no doubt be asked the second it is released.. “Does it work on people in vehicles?” Then we play the argue until a FAQ is released game.. Man I love that game it’s almost tradition now isn’t it?
The most interesting new talent is making the entire board difficult or dangerous terrain.  I really find that one doubtful but it’s a powerful ability if it comes to pass. You basically completely change the reliability and movement of the entire opponents army and also paint a LARGE red kill me sign on the C’tan of course.
Over all they appear to be getting a all you can eat buffet style of customization that makes me hope Demon princes will be that level of awesome some day.  They will get some init test “I kill you” thing I am sure and some dangerous terrain all around me type nonsense on the side. However just like that awesome buffet at your local casino none of this will be overly cheap I am sure however you are basically fielding a “god” unit fluff wise so maybe we can’t complain too much? NAH someone will complain.


  1. I'm totally going to attempt to steal that Talos pose.

  2. @an enemy yes That Talos is impressive and cool. =)


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