Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Demon Princes built

Model update to share as I work on changing my Demon list up a bit before the next event. This Saturday is a 2000 point tourney which is my favorite points level personally. Also I could use the practice before the Nova since its all Epic competitive and I plan to take Demons and even if I do well with I will be told I got lucky. Its ok though I am used it. lol

Anyway taking these posts from DFK into consideration and this bit from MVB's blog. They both touch on several concepts that I have been discussing with my 40k buddies locally and I have been trying to apply
them to my play style and demon army as much as possible after having several tourneys under my belt now I would say that "reliable" is the key to playing in events personally. I think for larger events there is no doubt that you need reliable units more than anything else. So some changes to my list mean bumping up my Crusher unit a few members to test out, and trading Grinders for Princes for the Nova. They have reliable shooting and I am going to need that. So I had to build a few models for this weekend. However if you haven't noticed I can't not mod the models. I have to make changes of some kind. The hobby as a whole is a big deal to me I enjoy the mod part of modeling and painting as much as playing I think. =)

So my Crushers aren't normal models because when I made them the crusher models had been pricey metal nonsense but more importantly they all looked the same and that's boring to me. So I run Letters on Chaos knight horses and so first up is two more of these for my squad.

All my models have been changed in some manner to reflect that they are more elite letters. Also all my elite units have white ashy skin because that's my armies fluff lol. My captains or upgraded models like my horrors that have bolt are white skinned and ashy. Through out my army this is true if you look in my bat reps. The white Dino leads the others into battle. (he's that way on purpose I am not just a lazy painter ) So this guy needed a mace because I don't have one in my squad with a mace yet and I want them all different.

Also as I expand my army I will be adding banners. When I was at Adepticon I was told by the judge I am going to lose points on painting because I play demons and demons don't have vehicles or banners to do free hand work. My entire army is custom all over the place but he said he couldn't give me any points for banners and freehand I didn't have enough. =/ LAME SAUCE MR JUDGE lol.. No hard feeling but I see no reason I can't have banners even if they don't do anything in game. So this guy gets a banner and my other troops will in the future. =) 

It will be fun to paint them I think. 
I honestly was planning to do some freehand in my next army but never really considered it might effect my score with demons until the judge looked me in the face and said so. **shrug

These guys will bump my Crushers to a more solid 6 and make them more of a Deathstar and more reliable when it comes to dice also not many things like charging 6 crushers. 

I have two demon princes but one has permy wings. Meaning I gave up on the magnets and just glued them in there lol. The pink prince looks great and I happy with the model so I decided not to mess him up and just build two more. (The wings will be pinned for these) 

I had the idea for this one building my other one. The Demon prince kit is really great and I new I wanted to do something like this on my next one. I think it turned out well I placed the heads and arms so that depending on how you look at it the angle of movement made sense. The picture doesn't really do it as much justice and for a simple mod it really looks good. 

I had several idea's for the next one but decided to go with this. Originally I was going to make the creature/mutation coming out of the his chest. However as I was sculpting the critter it started having so much character being his buddy attached to him. His gift given by Zinch so to speak. Again my picture didn't turn out so great he looks better in person. I need a light box I think. 

Here is a better shot of the front. I plan on painting the center like a eyeball. 

These are already primed and ready to go. I have to throw together one more screamer before Saturday I have the stuff to make them but I might just pick one up if one of my local stores still have any in stock. I need one for my fourth herald anyway.

Thoughts, crits, feedback are always welcome.

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