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Chaos Legion update, and 6th Edition 40k -

“Only life matters” 

Let’s start this off by saying CODEX Chaos Legions!!! Let me say that again in case you didn’t read that correctly. CODEX CHAOS LEGIONS . Something I have hinted at being excited for in the past. (Blatant self plugging of old random article) Yep we are getting a flood of rumors about 6th edition which is really odd since we just got a flood of rumors about how they are locking down information that leads to rumors…  So you must wonder if these are leaked on purpose in a move so evil only Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg or Steve Jobs could be so sly or prouder.  The current Chaos codex will get the WD treatment which we will see shortly how well that is going
to go when they publish rules updates for the ladies with guns here shortly. WD in the past has been less than a "perfect being" to say the least. Then we get a Codex Chaos Legions which hopefully will do the army justice, but what you should be more excited about as a CHAOS player is that it is supposed to be a nice 2 wave release of model updates which should hopefully include more new units.  You can’t tell me that Chaos Marines are so screwed up they haven’t invented anything or been given any new chaos gifts? They should be able to summon something new or have something they made by accident at this point.  I also won’t be surprised to see the Forgeworld stuff showing up like in the NIDS book. So among the two books I would look for the cool drop pods that can take back off, the crazy Forgeworld nonsense maybe making a appearance (Blight drones, etc etc. ) Nothing guaranteed but they have been moving in that direction.


Now the rules updates are actually coming at a good time, if they could balance the game out a bit for all the armies and make the game more solid so the NID players could come to the party for example then people wouldn’t have such a bad taste about the price nonsense that just went on. Raising the prices has most of feeling like GW tried to mug us while walking out our front door one morning. It won’t make it perfect but it will help if all the armies are a little more balanced and maybe Mech isn’t so insanely good. The first important thing you need to take away from the rumors is that they are trying to use ERRATA and FAQ’s to bring all the armies in line with the new edition. THIS IS HUGE if they are going to commit to doing this going forward. Solid rules will help the game and community so much.


The sixth edition rules rumors are all over the place though.  The angry Good Marines who wear black are again said to be coming soon. They should bring a fresh run at you attitude that is written with 6th Edition in mind.  "The greater good "seems to close on the schedule as well and both armies seem to be getting some new models but only a minor release when compared with the angry space pirate elves. The Necron upgrade appears to be the first release that they are hinting will have two waves and a ton of new models. Which is good news for the shambling robots of doom however even if they play tested these books they are transition codex’s at best. So they may fall short when it comes to the test of time if not careful just like Demons, and Orks do now which are transition codex’s as we left the last edition. Only time will tell but again what I would take from this is the hinting that all these books are on the schedule in the near future as GW continues to knock out updates faster than college students can change majors.

"Now a real killer, when he picked up the ZF-1, would've immediately asked about the little red button on the bottom of the gun. "

So the real issue that everyone is interested in is of course the 6th edition rules changes which are so vast I will have to do some more posts on them later. Lets touch on some of them that already are interesting though and seek to change the game in what I consider good ways as we change the Zorg oldies but goodies up a bit to shift things going forward. As a Demon player I am going to start with DeepStrike. It appears the risk of DSing in 6th editions will be determined by the distance from the enemy you are. This is a huge change and shift in how this one simple mechanic works. Now landing in your face means I have to roll three dice with no chance to not scatter. That means dropping in on objectives last turn or suiciding your squads is going to be greatly harder than it was in the past. At 12inches it works like it does currently but, at 18 inches you don't scatter at all. This dramatically changes DS tactics for every army across the board. Which is the general Vibe I get from almost all the rules changes I have read. Things are going to shake up like Lebron leaving for Miami...only this will prob be a good thing.

"LeeLoo Dallas.. M.u.lti Paaasssss"

They appear to actually be adding options and flexibility to all area's of the game turning the game from a list building paper rock scissors game. Where you can show up to the tourney with a list playing the meta and hope to not run into the paper to your rock as you try to win your free trip to Fhloston Paradise for two for 10 days or some boxes of plastic army men whichever your tourney is giving away locally. The game looks to be shifting into a game that the generals are more of the factor than anything else. By adding things like overwatch so you can shoot back or react to your opponents moves. By making the movement phase and how far you move effect how your troops react in other phases. That's right IG players you will have to decide if it makes sense to park and fire or move now since it will make a difference in how easy a target your parking lot now is. Time to get in the mindset of convoy. Also with what looks like the inclusion of flyers the field is going to have all kinds of crazy options going on. Your going to be able to decide when reserve units show up taking the random out of that tactic opening up a whole new string of tactics. How great is a webway portal or decent of angels when you can say 100 percent these units will arrive turn 2? 

"Freeze those knees, my chickadees!"

It appears they will be shifting up wound allocation as well. Meaning that when I shoot at your squad I get to decide where some of the wounds go. So no more abusing multi wound models in squads. Since depending on who I shoot at your squad determines how many of the wounded men I get to pick you take saves for. Sniper and IC appear to get this ability if we believe if the news isn't too salty. Then in general they are saying every 5th wound which could be useful especially since your squad leader might be much more important in the near future. Since if he dies your squad will not regroup this makes him more useful than just bringing some random piece of wargear. .... unless your marines.. I have a feeling marines will still regroup of course. 
"Any one else want to negotiate?" 

USR special rules will have a tiered system, so there will be levels to the pain you don't feel depending on what codex or unit you have that skill with. As well as Eternal warrior and the level system seems to be a good idea to me and will balance out some things a bit. I mean how come a plague marine, BA marine, and a plague bearer all get the same level FNP? Being the actual demon does't make you tougher? Random Game length appears to be gone but how you win games appears to be changing up a bit. You actually will gain points for holding objectives at the end of turns instead of contesting and holding at the end of games. This means that First off Fritz is sad someplace and two that your actions throughout the entire game matter not just that "the boss is coming clean up and look busy the last minute" attitude that objective games have now. Not to mention the bidding for first turn. You roll off then bid for choice of going first or second with the points being used in game to re-roll dice or to buy assets to use in game. Again a focus on giving the general options and taking a bit away from the paper rock scissors. I like change and as long as the rules aren't overly complicated I think this all sounds great moving forward and personally look forward to some shaking up of the meta, and gameplay. I haven't covered everything of course just mentioned some highlights. All the little details can be found all over the webs if you haven't read them yet. 

Sometimes its time to just clean up and start over a bit. Take what works and make the game better and I again I have high hopes reading the rumors so far. 

"Auto wash...."

What are your thoughts on the rumors of 6th edition and hopefully the return of Chaos Marines?


  1. Some very interesting rumors. Not sure about whether I believe some of them, and not sure I'd want half of them.

    We'll have to see!

  2. Interesting stuff but not sure of tha validity of it yet? But knowing GW anything could happen. I'm not trying to dwell on it to much now, it's along way off yet. I'm a little disappointed about the Necrons being a transition codex. I've been waiting along time for a new codex and I hope they make it work in 6th

  3. @DFK I won't make judgement on the rules until I see a finished product. Again the only thing I see going on is making the game more about making tactical choices and less about how strong your codex is and I like that.

    @warmonger Its to soon to say anything is solid for sure of course. Rumors shouldn't be taken at face value but the concept of the changes are interesting!!! I also hope the necrons get some good updating and can stand the test of time this round through though I agree on that.


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