Sunday, June 12, 2011

CAG 2011 round 3 - Demons Vs SW

On to round 3 I am matched up against local gamer Kirby. He has been getting wins last two rounds but not maxing points. After a bit of math from what I know several of the other guys have done its pretty clear that if one of us maxes out points its possibly to take second place. We both have had a couple great games already today so either way we are already having a good time. Kirby and I have faced off two times before and so far I got the better of him so he ribs me a bit and jokes he has a score to settle. We end up joking most the game and because of how the dice play out we end up having a really fun game. 

Lets take a look at the table we end up on. Its actually a really cool table.

Lets take a look at Kirby's list. 

8 grey hunters, melta rhino x 2
7 grey hunters, melta rhino x 2
5 grey hunters, flamer razorback laz plas
5 wolf scouts , melta
6 long fangs 5 missile launchers
wolfguard pack
land speeder heavy bolter, typhoon missile launcher

I really like this list, I think I would run something like this if I ran Space wolves. Its a tool box with lots of options and off the top of my head I think its pretty close to what took the championship at Adepticon. I would have to look it up though to be sure. To see my list go back to my first game and check it out.

The mission for the round is 

Scenario 3: Search and destroy

Overview: Supply drops are being made, retrieve them before your opponent can
Line of Retreat: Units that fall back do so toward their own table edge via the shortest route possible as described in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook (pg 45). 
Game Length: Standard see (pg.90) Alternatively the game ends immediately when the tournament judge declares that time has elapsed. Players should not begin a new turn if there is insufficient time remaining to complete the turn. 

Deployment (Diagonal Pitched Battle) (Wait for Instruction as an example will be given) Players may choose to place units in reserve using the Reserves special rule (pg 94). When a unit is placed in reserve, the owning player must declare how that unit will enter play from reserves (e.g. Deep Strike, Outflank, etc). At all times, armies must follow any and all special deployment rules specific to their Codex. Finally, alternate deploying any infiltrators and making any scout moves. The player that chose his deployment zone first starts game Turn 1 with his first player turn. His opponent may attempt to seize the initiative as described in the Warhammer 40,000 5th edition rules (pg 92).

Special Rules: Infiltrate, Deep strike, Reserves

Primary (Large Objective Marker): Primary Objective is placed in the center of the table. To control the objective you must have a Scoring Unit with at least 1 model within 3” of the uncontested objective marker. Individual Scoring Units may not control multiple objectives if holding primary objective. (Scoring: Win = 15, Draw = 7, Loss = 0) 

Secondary (Elimination): The player with the most Kill Points as defined in the Warhammer 40K rulebook (pg 91) wins the Secondary objective. (Scoring: Win = 10, Draw = 5, Loss = 0) 

Tertiary (Supply Objectives): 3 objectives arrive via deep strike after both sides have deployed and after scout moves but before the first turn. Each objective deep strikes by targeting the center of the board and will always deviate, even if a hit is rolled, 4D6”in a random direction. Should an objective scatter on top of impassable terrain then reduce the scatter distance by the minimum required in order to avoid the obstacle. If the objective hits a model the objective will not be destroyed but will be deployed in that spot. Once the objective has been deployed, place the blast template centered over the objective. Every unit under the template suffer a number of Strength 6 AP2 hits equal to the number of models that are partially or wholly covered by the template. Vehicles are always hit on the side armor. If any unit still has surviving models under the template, move the unit the minimum needed to clear all models from under the template. To control an objective you must have a Scoring Unit with at least 1 model within 3” of the uncontested objective marker. Individual Scoring Units may control multiple 

tertiary objectives. (Scoring: Win = 5, Draw = 3, Loss = 0) 

+1: If your most expensive unit is not fleeing or dead at the end of the game. If two or more units qualify as the most expensive (same points value), then any such unit surviving will fulfill this tactical bonus. 
+1: If none of your HQ choices are destroyed at the end of the game. 
+1: You control at least 2 of the tertiary objectives.
+1: If at least 2 of your Troops choices are not fleeing or dead at the end of the game. 

The center objective is the dead marine 

We roll off and Kirby wins, he then decides he will go first. and picks his side of the table. He wants to move and get his powers off before I drop in. 

He deploys then we scatter the objectives. The first one rolls over to my side of the table. 
You can't see the next one but its actually on the side of that terrain just in front of his wall of armor. The fact I can't see the thing will annoy me all game. lol

The third one scatters inside this ruin also on his side of the field. The white cloud thing is his SW power thing that lets him see from other area's of the board. I can never remember what that thing is called. Some kind of bird. 

better shot of the objective inside the building. LOL  its a fun picture sets a very 40k mood. 

SW turn 1

He pushes forward with his line. Toward the middle objective, being the primary I expect he plans on circling the wagons and making me move him off of it. He casts his power of everything around me is difficult terrain to annoy me while I DS in. He also will cast his cover save of "we are orks too" powa!!! in fact he basically uses this power all game. 

Demons Turn 1

My first reaction is to stack my waves. I usually have a hth heavy side and a shooty side and then play differently depending on what I get. However my plan this tourney is to split evenly to see how I like that so I again split my wave really evenly. I roll a one of course which I get ribbed for again by Kirby. I laugh and point out I evenly split so it doesn't really matter. I drop my grinder so I can fleet to his circle after they move up next turn. I want him breaking  open armor this game but out of range of melta until his charge. The letters and Fiends drop closer. I roll and the Grinder immobilizes himself.

I drop my prince on my right side he has the speed to be a threat to his main forces or reach his long fangs depending on how he moves. 

The letters and Fiends run to spread out.

I drop my herald in the back and take some shots at his long fangs. Doesn't go to well but that's ok. I drop my zombies back there and I lose two landing in. I run to use them as cover for the letters who also land close enough to be a threat to the long fangs.. I lose one of my letters by rolling a one as well.  

SW turn 2

Over view shot before before his turn starts. 

The demon prince before shot

The after shot, The shooting is directed at the demon prince until he falls. 

He moves his lines forward to surround the objective. Then as I just said he starts by putting up his SW KFF then gunning down the demon prince. He unloads on the herald in the back and the letters but fails to do much. Then the prince but honestly that takes his entire shooting to do so. 

Demons Turn 2

My crushers come in and I put them where the prince was. I run them a bit to keep the pressure on. 
The letters charge the rhino and immobilize it. The fiends charge another rhino and kill a weapon, then shake and stun the thing. 

Three plague bearers attempt to move up to harass the long fangs in cover, but roll badly then roll short to run into the terrain either. The letters move past them and charge a unit of long fangs wiping them out. 

The herald moves up and takes some pop shots at the long fangs killing one of them. However Kirby makes a mistake here and removes one that puts his squad out of unit coherency. The picture is a before shot of course lol. 

SW turn 3

The razorback empties his marines that fan out to be a screen from the crushers in case he can't kill them this turn. He then unloads about everything he has that is in range of them. and in a epic moment of triumph he downs the last of them with his Njal ability at the end of the turn!! 

His marines pile out of the rhino surrounded by Fiends to thin them out while they are in rapid fire range. He is able to kill two from the squad. 

The marines get out and unload on the letters. The shooting doesn't go as well as he hoped. 

Since his LongFangs had to move he goes toward the chariot

His scouts come on and target the letters fresh from battle with the long fangs last turn. I use the term battle loosely since its not much of a battle when letters charge long fangs. =P Note you can actually see the objective in this picture. 

The scouts shoot the letters down to two remaining and charge in only to be wiped out except one lone melta gunner who fearlessly passes his moral check refusing to flee, he will fight to death!!! 

The SW's are truly fearless as they care not they couldn't thin the letters numbers they charge in anyway. When the dust settles there are 3 letters and two marines still standing. The marines pass moral and stay to fight on.

The herald gets charged but in a shock he ties combat killing off a marine. 

Demons Turn 3

The plague marines move up and charge the long fangs. I am hoping to tie them up a bit only in a surprise he actually kills off two of the plague bearers in combat. By this point all the epic combats have us both cheering, yelling at each other, and basically talking trash lol. 

On my turn the two marines actually kill off my letters when they fail to hit or wound. Someplace the grey knights would be proud. 

The remaining Fiends multi charge the two marine squads close to them. Killing off several in both squads and winning combat the sons of Russ again prove fearless and stick combat. They flee from nothing!!!

I drop in the screamers next to the parking lot and my sad grinder who can only shoot a pop shot into the crowd everyturn and watch the choas but not actually play along. A herald comes on and takes some shots at the parking lot as well. Also on a note I have been shooting his rhino's and getting pens, but he hasn't failed a cover save yet. 

I also drop my other grinder right behind his rhinos to again get ready to charge in and break open some rhinos. 

Overview shot. 

My other herald drops in to be cover for my other unit of fiends that also drop in then run to spread out. 

The lone scout and the two letters continue to battle on my turn. The letters swing and only get 2 hits then fail to wound!! The scout hits back and gets one wound and I make my save. We stick combat another turn!! 
The herald and the marines also tie combat failing to do damage to each other for another round. 

SW Turn 4

His speeder creeps on the board and fires a missile into the back of the new grinder and annoyingly immobilizes it. Much to Kirby's amusement. 

His rhinos shuffle up slightly. 

The Fiends take some fire but don't take any losses. He does cut down a bunch of the screamers though. 

The marines are able to finally take the heralds last wound. 

The letters are done playing with the scouts and finally cut the defiant scout down. 

The lone plague bearer zombies around through combat and might be too gross for the long fangs to deal with. They are unable to wound him and he ties them up for another round. 

The fiends finish off the two marine squads. 

Demons Turn 4

The letters move up to take a shot at the speeder. 

The plague bearer ties up the long fangs yet again

The remaining screamers move up to assault the rhinos I am able to wreck one. 

The fiends charge both rhinos.The screamers wreck one before they can and the other is only shaken and weapon destroyed. 

The fiends move up fleet and I declare the rhino my target for charge. I declare I want to multi charge though and but I am not able to roll high enough difficult terrain to make it up to save my zombie from the long fangs so they all go into the rhino. I wreck it though. 

The letters charge the speeder and knock it out of the sky. They don't wreck it but it won't be moving anymore. 

SW turn 5

His HQ piles up of the rhino and will gun down all the screamers. 

The marines who got out of the rhino melta gun the grinder to the face and wreck it. 

Demons Turn 5

My fiends move up to try and kill another rhino and draw his marines into combat. I fail to reach the marines and to wreck the rhino.

My herald jumps up to contest the objective. I spent the round round taking shots at rhino's trying to get more Kp's but fail to do any real damage. Then I make my mistake of the day. Remember that objective I can't see. The correct move is to move and run my letters to claim it. I would be the only one holding it, but I lost count of KP's so I was thinking I needed one more so I moved back and charged the speeder with them. I couldn't see the objective and didn't even think about it until afterwards. I also failed to kill the speeder. 

We roll and the game ends. We tie the Primary despite both of us throwing everything we have at each other. The dice just happen to work out that way. The game was really epic though, I don't do his shooting justice with my report. Njal was actually going wild with his power every turn doing damage to everything in range. He was doing his part holding the SW's together. The dice made every combat the entire game be random with no expected outcomes, the shooting on both sides was just as random. I was hitting like crazy and penning his vehicles and he failed one cover save the entire game. His leadership checks meant he tied up several of my units for extra turns. It was a really fun and close game in the end we tied the primary, I got him on Kp's though, then we both didn't have any objectives at the end. I ended up finishing 6th overall but it was a tight tourney. If I had moved my letters to get the objective I would have finished third. Oh well. It was a great day of gaming and the back and forth cheering and ribbing with Kirby was a great ending. I got last laugh though as I shook his hand and I said to him. 3-0 Kirby. The demons got you again. =P All in good fun of course.. We laughed about it. 

Great day and a great event if your in the area you should come out next year. 


  1. Nice rep DkM.
    I like the split waves instead of the stack.

    See you this weekend!

  2. @Edge I think I like the even split

    @Kirby LOL If it makes you feel better if I am ever anyplace near you I'll do a bat rep against you as well. =P


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