Tuesday, June 7, 2011

CAG 2011 round 2 - Demons Vs SW

Moving on to round 2!! Round one the orks halted the demons movement for Tourney glory. It was a good game but like I said in the last report I didn't earn many point but I still was hopeful anything can happen. This is no time to give up I mean really what kind of attitude is that. =P So I arrive at my next table and the terrain isn't too shabby at all. It is a cool looking table actually and at this point any table that didn't make me feel like I was playing a game of Cities of death was welcome. 

Couple quick over view shots of the table. 

My opponent was rocking SW. his list was

Wolflord on thunderwolf with trimmings and 2 wolves
4 thunder wolf calv, shield, hammer, melta , standard
10 grey hunters melta gun pwer weapon
5 grey hunters flamer
5 grey hunters flamer
Landraider extra armor
Land Raider extra armor
Land Raider Redeemer extra armor melta

This list really banks on his Thunderwolves doing well and the raiders not being able to be taken down. I originally was surprised by the list. Granted three raiders is going to be annoyingly hard for me to kill personally and I am kicking myself now for not making any list tweaks to deal with heavy armor like I was planning. My Opponent who was a great guy and he told me he is coming off a 40k break and he brought a army that was easy to play to get his feet wet again. Understandable we discuss all the terrain so we are on the same page and decide the center thing wouldn't be platform not ruins. So you could either fly up there or you could get there and DS on it was fine. I don't think its going to matter much for this game. We chat a moment I told him I was pretty easy going so if he has any questions at all about my list or rules please feel free to ask since he is a bit rusty. 

The mission was.

Scenario 2: Kill them all!

Overview: Kill them all, let the Emperor sort them out!
Line of Retreat: Units that fall back do so toward their own table edge via the shortest route possible as described in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook (pg 45).
Game Length: Standard see (pg.90) Alternatively the game ends immediately when the tournament judge declares that time has elapsed. Players should not begin a new turn if there is insufficient time remaining to complete the turn.
Deployment (Pitched Battle). (pg. 92) Both players may also choose to place units in reserve using the Reserves special rule (pg 94). When a unit is placed in reserve, the owning player must declare how that unit will enter play from reserves (e.g. Deep Strike, Outflank, etc). At all times, armies must follow any and all special deployment rules specific to their Codex. Finally, alternate deploying any infiltrators and making any scout moves. The player that chose his deployment zone first starts game Turn 1 with his first player turn. His opponent may attempt to seize the initiative as described in the Warhammer 40,000 5th edition rules (pg 92).
Special Rules: Infiltrate, Deep strike, Reserves

Primary (Annihilation): The player with the most Kill Points wins
the primary objective. (Scoring: Win = 15, Draw = 7, Loss = 0)
Modified Kill Points HQ=5, EL=3, FA=2, HS=2, TR=1

Secondary (Elimination): Eliminate all of your opponent’s Troop choices while having at least one of your own Troop choices alive at the end of the game. If both players have at least one Troop choice still alive at the end of the game then score this objective as a draw. If both players have no Troop choices left alive at the end of the game then score this objective as a loss for both players. Note that Dedicated Transports attached to Troop choices do not count for this objective for determining if a scoring unit has been destroyed. (Scoring: Win = 10, Draw = 5, Loss = 0)

Tertiary (Victory Points): The player must score at least 500 more Victory Points than their opponent as described in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook (pg 300). If the Victory Point total is within 500 points, the players draw this objective. (Scoring: Win = 5, Draw = 3, Loss = 0)

Note: These points are automatic if your opponent has no choices from that Force Organizational slot.
+1: If your opponent has no surviving Fast Attack Choices at the end of the game.
+1: If your opponent has no surviving Heavy Support Choices at the end of the game.
+1: If your opponent has no surviving Elite Choices at the end game. 

We roll off and he wins and opts for me to go first. He then deploys. 

He spreads out his army putting one Raider on the far right 
His redeemer and his wolves in the center

Then his last Raider on the left side. 

Demons Turn 1
I split my army in pretty even halves like the first game and get what I want. I drop my crushers toward his left most raider a bit back from his Thunderwolves. They may or may not be in range for a charge it would depend on his rolling. 

I drop my Grinder right in front of them so that he has to choice what to deal with. The Grinder is a threat to the Raider and he didn't bring a ton of Thunderhammers or any real melta. So he'll have to deal with it somehow. 

The screamers land in the center platform so that they can react to his movement and should be able to make charge range on the center raider or the one on the right if he pushes forward with it. 

The heralds and the Grinder use what shooting I bring and are able to kill the wolves from the Thunderwolf unit but don't wound any of the actual guys. 
Some zombies are on the far right they won't be doing anything but avoiding being a KP this game.

The fiends run to get some cover and to be able to react to his movement next turn.

The crushers spread out to possibly give the grinder a cover save from the raider if need be. 
SW Turn 1

He moves up with his wolves and he decides he wants to charge the Grinder. I stop him and we talk about the Grinder since its armor 13 and he only has one thunderhammer. He thinks it over and decides he might be able to rend it to death and still would like to go this route. I don't mind either way but as a rusty player I didn't want him to feel like he got hosed by charging something he couldn't kill because he didn't know. This was interesting as a battle because a number of things could have happened. What actually happened though was he would fail to kill it, but he would rend both his CCW's off before the Grinder would get to strike. The grinder ends up putting one wound on a guy and he fails to kill it this turn and they stay locked. However this means he now isn't strength 10 so isn't a great threat to his raiders anymore.  He unloads all his shooting possible into the screamers and kills them down to two. 

Demons Turn 2

The two screamers move up and get a chance for revenge but they fail to hit the raider in combat. I was able to glance and shake it with shooting though. Oh well. 

The crushers counter charge into the Thunderwolves and I don't wipe them out but when the dust settles I win combat and they fail the check and break running away.  

They don't run off the table but with my consolidation move I am right next to them again so they will be running off the table at the start of his turn. 
I drop some letters by the Raider on the right to kill the insides once I open the metal kan. I then charge the thing with my Fiends and hope to rend alot. I sadly don't really do much to it this round. Maybe kill a weapon
SW Turn 2

He drives his Redeemer raider around and flamers away the last two screamers. He then takes some shots with his raider on left at my Grinder and he decides to not move the raider on the right to try and kill all the fiends. He does a couple wounds and in his assault phase the fiends are able to Immob the raider.

Demons Turn 3

I drop my prince and a herald by the center Raider and you can hear the Benny Hill Music in the background from this point on as I take hail mary shots at the thing with shooting but fail to do any real damage. 

More zombie drop someplace in my backfield they will move into terrain and play Angry Birds the rest of this game while they are forgotten about. 

I shake or stun the silly raider in assault but fail to do much damage even with my auto hits for being immob. The letters begin the journey of moving and running around the tower to get behind the raider. 

Yes I tried to have the one crusher with Rending give it a shot as well. I mean what else was he going to do. It's like I brought orks lol. I also drop the other Grinder between this raider and the one my fiends are bouncing attacks off of in the right hand corner. 

SW Turn 3

He positions his raider and takes some shots at my guys but two lascannons just aren't overly helpful against my list. I keep thinking he is going to get out with his troops to help out but he keeps them safely inside being that they are a mission objective. 

His HQ does get out Ragnar won't be caught hiding hiding during a battle!!!

He charges my crushers with his unit he kills two off the crushers off and I kill a few marines as well I win combat and we stay stuck in. 
I am still auto hitting his Raider with the Fiends and the marines are talking trash inside about how dinos can't open doors that was movie nonsense. I shake it again or something but it lives on.

Demons Turn 4

I charge my Grinder into his squad to tie them up while I decide what I am going to do. 

My dino's spread out to charge again and my letters continue around that tower. 

The squad kills off my crushers in combat but is unable to hurt the grinder. Although the grinder now lacks power weapons so he isn't fairing too much better. Nothing else of note happens in the turn as I try to move my grinder toward the raider my dinos have been attacking and I try to throw random shooting at the other raiders. Who also ignore the results as Benny Hill Music continue's to play in the background. 
SW Turn 4

He moves up and Flamers my other letter squad who has been hiding in the building the entire game. He's trying for easy KP's. He shoots with his other Raider and really doesn't have anything else he can do since he is tied up in combat or hiding in boxes with his other units. 

Demons Turn 5

At this point I have the Raider in the corner surrounded so if I wreck and don't explode the thing everything inside will die. I only have one more gun on it as well so its sooo close to being glanced to death. 

The demon prince shoots and charges this raider and it is shaken..

My other squad of dinos makes it to this raider after finally coming on last turn. They bounce off the thing I don't think I got a single rend that went through. No shock though since thats how this game has been going. 

SW Turn 5

On his turn I wreck his Raider and instant kill the unit inside that can't get out. nothing else of note really happens in his turn. 

The Grinder kills a few more marines. 

Demon prince attack the raider again who just slightly moved to flamer the letters again. The prince does nothing. 

Demons Turn 6

The Dinos charge the other raider again and... do nothing. I dont' have a picture but the other grinder rushes into combat with his HQ unit and the two grinders win combat. The Unit fails its check and falls back to be walked off the board on his turn just like the Thunderwolves. Its a tough break for him twice in one game but means with a little luck I might be able to kill all his troops if the game keeps going. I am unable to do any damage to the other raider in the center though. 

SW turn 6

He moves the other raider out of range of the Grinder since I had to move it the other way to walk the HQ unit off the board. He takes a pop shot at the herald because he can. 

He moves his other Raider 12 inches so I need 6's to hit it.  

We roll and the game goes on another turn. I surround the Raider with troops inside and hope for a wreck just like before. The heralds do nothing with shooting, the prince does nothing with shooting, the Grinder does nothing as well. The prince and dino's charge the thing. The dino's roll all the attacks and get 7 rends, but I fail to get a single glance. I am laughing at this point and I roll the prince attacks I get two PENS. I throw the dice and I get two 5's. I wreck the raider and instant kill the squad inside. The only unit he has alive is the redeemer so we call it at this point. 

Wow it was like fighting with nerf bats until you kill the other person. He didn't have enough weight of fire to deal with my army at all and I didn't have the ability to deal with so much heavy armor. It was such a odd match up. It was a fun game though and I am sure a little frustrating for both sides at times. Demons don't really have a ton of way to deal with Heavy armor and so far I basically have been matched against two heavy armor lists. Because of how my codex is though there isn't a ton I can do about that. I already run screamers and aside from running rail shots instead of the str 8 template or swapping to a thirster my options are orky at best. Either way on to round 3!!!! 

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  1. Glad to see Email gave you a run for your $$$.
    His list destroys Mech, ask Warmonger.
    So that was 2 ML brothers you faced...waiting for round 3.


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