Sunday, June 19, 2011

6/18 Tourney at EGC

So I made the slight journey down to East side Games and Cards in Cincy. They had a 2000 point tourney and several club members headed down and we had us a event of the mostly the usual suspects lol. The location is a great little store and if I lived closer I would be in there more often as the owner is a great guy and runs a awesome shop. The event was 15 dollars and you got lunch with it so it wasn't bad and prize support was impressive. I think 14 people showed for the small tourney. First place took away a table's 

worth of terrain. Second place got 60 dollars store credit, and third got 30 I think. So for a small event it really wasn't shabby at all prize wise. The missions on the other hand had been very unclear, and the scoring was all over the place and I still don't really understand how that worked out. The pairing between rounds are the same I really don't understand how they did the pairings as the event went on. **shrug. Over all if nothing else it was a great time hanging out with the crew of guys I generally game with and I got some practice with my list changes to see how they play out on the table top. This is the worst tourney event I had since I have started playing Demons lol. I didn't have a good showing at all and went 1-2 for the day. Ahhh well everyone has a bad run right?....right?? LOL I'll do some rough battle reports but nothing overly detailed as most my games came down to dice sadly both my win and losses. Which happens sometimes. I do have some pictures of each game of course. =) Until then here's some pictures from the tourney. 

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