Thursday, June 30, 2011

GW policy change, Storms of Magic, Necrons Release,and Hrud

Its the weekend before the 4th of July so it's a huge travel weekend here in the U S of A. People will be flocking like crazy to bodies of water to drink beer, splash around, and watch explosions in the sky. A ton of the country will look  like a Kid Rock video while we celebrate our freedom and have a great excuse to play with fire and explosives. Yes you read that right basically in America we drink and play with explosives for fun, while I don't know how smart that sounds when you say it out loud, we aren't sissy's. =P "The Duke" would approve.

I'll be packing the Fam up for a road trip myself and I will try to still update while travelling the country getting mad at other drivers. (Its not road rage if its justified right?) but who knows how things will go. Either way its the end of the week so let's see what hit the hot pages and made the gossip in our local circles this week. (Like the title is never a clear give away of our weekly run down? lol )

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Why we play?

Why we do this? I suppose you could ask why we do anything in general, however sometimes it’s nice to step back and see what keeps you motivated to move forward with this hobby of ours. I say Hobby but for some of us it’s an ADDICTION. You know who you are lol. I haven’t reached those levels just yet but really what drives us on to show up and move our little soldier men around making pew pew sounds while rolling dice. (What do you mean you don’t make pew pew sounds? You’re doing it wrong!!! )

The hobby as a whole interests us in some manner I mean honestly if you just like rolling dice you could just play craps, you will get free drinks while you play, and over all it sadly might be a cheaper hobby at this point. I think for each of us what keeps us in the game is a bit different. For myself personally I enjoy the hobby as a whole. So I complain a little less about the changes than most people and let me explain why. (I do however make jokes and talk a little trash but that’s not complaining. Don't be so serious.)

Monday, June 27, 2011

WAR GAMES CON Q and A with Jwolf

War Games Con is going to be in the Double Tree Hotel in Austin TX. The event is the convention run by the crew at BOLS so I am sure you have heard of it in some manner shape or form. A event with Goatboy running a muck with the power to judge games... A scary thought I know =P. The event went over well last year and this year is one that several people have told me they are looking forward to. More so its only a week away so if your within distance, drive, hitch, crawl, beg, or rent a car that just barely fits your crew in it and Drive forever in a manner that makes you respect clowns after you arrive. (That's how Bols gets to Adepticon after all)

So in the spirit of the event we are doing a little pre-con Q and A with Jwolf. Just a quick behind the scenes glimpse on some of his thoughts on how things went last year.  I'll do a follow up after the event as well.

Warflakes Contest - pink prince and battle wagon

Warflake's blog which I am not sure if its titled "Warflakes 40k Blog" or "warflake40k noob"( but that is a post for another time. =P) The point of this post is that warflaky is having a contest. In hopes to inspire and self promote/plug his page. I am down with that, it's a excuse for all of us to look through our collection of things we have sitting around that we may have forgotten about. Share something we enjoy with the community and maybe inspire those around us. So props to you Mr Warflake for having a fun contest. There is a bit of fine print you have to have a blog to enter. Although I am sure if you pester him through comments and email he might let you enter anyway? If not though I suppose you could start a blog just to enter the contest. I think if you start a blog just enter the contest Warflake might be obligated to be the first person to link you. LOL Bloggers supporting the online community is always a plus though so I am down with entering and trying to help get the word out.

The details can be found here at this post. Basically you have to find a model yours that you like or is your favorite and make a post about it. Then comment or email Mr Warflake and let him know. I been trying to figure out what I would do for the post since I heard about the contest and finally landed on two things.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Cool Mini or Not 11.26

Cool Mini or not restock action is in the house. I hope you didn't spend all your extra cash on that Forgeworld Dragon yesterday because as usual the COM news letter has all kinds of awesome tiny model and some not so tiny model goodness. This news letter is such a pain for me personally because I really enjoy the modelling hobby and try not to buy too many models I can't actually game with so that I get double the hobby for my money so to speak. Alas this newsletter has me always considering ordering something to just paint and put on a shelf and this week's is no different.

As usual for more information head of to cool mini or not the site and order, don't order, or add to your wishlist as you see fit. Pictures are below for your viewing pleasure.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Finecast issues and Forgeworld Dragon

Like your cousins that can't take a hint and keep showing back up at your house. It appears we have yet more Finecast issues popping up. They don't seem to be anything over the top though and are all in line with what we have been hearing as problems thus far. However Wayland Games has returned the entire inventory they had initially received it appears. The reason is again Quality Control issues. They are unhappy with the product at the moment and believe that as customers when we order from Wayland Games we deserve better. All the juicy details with picture proof and some staggering numbers can be found at the Wayland site.  Completely worth a read if you haven't checked it out already as this new Resin model line is off to a shaky start. I would guess it was just a bit rushed but in the long run will be better for our hobby.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Chaos Legion update, and 6th Edition 40k -

“Only life matters” 

Let’s start this off by saying CODEX Chaos Legions!!! Let me say that again in case you didn’t read that correctly. CODEX CHAOS LEGIONS . Something I have hinted at being excited for in the past. (Blatant self plugging of old random article) Yep we are getting a flood of rumors about 6th edition which is really odd since we just got a flood of rumors about how they are locking down information that leads to rumors…  So you must wonder if these are leaked on purpose in a move so evil only Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg or Steve Jobs could be so sly or prouder.  The current Chaos codex will get the WD treatment which we will see shortly how well that is going

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Event Organizing 101 - Old School Terminator

AND IN LOCAL NEWS.... These event articles are interesting to me from the point of view of a Blogger. I don't know a ton of other bloggers personally that I can chat with on a regular basis though so I don't have a way to compare things I see on my blog or trends with what others see. I lack the DATA!! lol. These articles I have been doing for example are good for the community giving a little behind the scenes about people who run events around us. A bit of what drives them and just getting people to talk about events in general. (If you run events locally in your area you live in Thank You. Without you the hobby wouldn't be what it is) Anyway I get a ton of

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tourney rounds from Saturday.

So a quick rundown of my games from the tourney on Saturday not my best showing by far but I some how still ended up in 6th. So other people didn't have a good day either it appears lol. Oh well its all fun and I still did learn some tactics  got to chatty list design and got to test out my list changes. So lets talk about the games. 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

6/18 Tourney at EGC

So I made the slight journey down to East side Games and Cards in Cincy. They had a 2000 point tourney and several club members headed down and we had us a event of the mostly the usual suspects lol. The location is a great little store and if I lived closer I would be in there more often as the owner is a great guy and runs a awesome shop. The event was 15 dollars and you got lunch with it so it wasn't bad and prize support was impressive. I think 14 people showed for the small tourney. First place took away a table's 

Cool Mini or Not 11.25

Cool mini or not has some more new stock and restock picture action coming your way. Please check out below and enjoy your weekend. =) 

Friday, June 17, 2011

Forgeworld, Knight FAQ, and Sisters in WD

This week was a busy week rumor wise because not only did we get a FAQ, with a dose of the non stop new release action from Forgeworld. We also got a confirmed sisters of battle rules update!! This like a new Michael Bay movie has mixed reactions from everyone. Some people think this is great and some think..well.. its a Michael Bay movie I probably don't need to explain what other people think of it. I am glad for any rules update and if it could come with some hot sauce new models of DE level detail then please sir may I have another?. Anyway its that bat time on that bat channel so lets do this. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Demon Princes built

Model update to share as I work on changing my Demon list up a bit before the next event. This Saturday is a 2000 point tourney which is my favorite points level personally. Also I could use the practice before the Nova since its all Epic competitive and I plan to take Demons and even if I do well with I will be told I got lucky. Its ok though I am used it. lol

Anyway taking these posts from DFK into consideration and this bit from MVB's blog. They both touch on several concepts that I have been discussing with my 40k buddies locally and I have been trying to apply

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Event Organizing 101 - Brian Seabolt

Hey guys got another Event Organizing 101 to throw at you. The Q and A's have been going well and people seem to be really having positive response to these. Hopefully they will help inspire those around us who also are on the boarder of running events or at the very least they are a interesting read as we get a little back ground on fellow gamers in our community. This week we have a local gamer who did a ton of work with Table Top Gamers and working with Gencon in the past. 

Brian Seabolt is also know as Kain or Kainthedragoonx online. He can be found on a number of websites online including Table Top Gamers (, Queen City Guard (, of course the Art of War site ( and I am a part of Team Porkageddon ( He can be found on several of the larger sites from time to time like Dakka or Warseer but mainly you can find him around the more local boards trying to support the local scene. He was one of the people running CincyCon this year and he was at Adepticon playing in the team tourney. He helps run events in the Cincy area so lets turn it over to Brian

Monday, June 13, 2011

A "Strictly Average" moment

So the other day I am showing my buddy some pictures on my phone not the type of pictures politicians show each other either get you mind out of the gutter, and this one shows up, which I forgot I took. It turned into a "what game is this from?", moment. I laughed because this is the picture that proves that Brent from Strictly Average is a good guy... or I am wrong and he thinks I am jerk lol. One of those..

So a quick story with for you guys. This picture was taken at Adepticon on Sunday morning during the

Sunday, June 12, 2011

CAG 2011 round 3 - Demons Vs SW

On to round 3 I am matched up against local gamer Kirby. He has been getting wins last two rounds but not maxing points. After a bit of math from what I know several of the other guys have done its pretty clear that if one of us maxes out points its possibly to take second place. We both have had a couple great games already today so either way we are already having a good time. Kirby and I have faced off two times before and so far I got the better of him so he ribs me a bit and jokes he has a score to settle. We end up joking most the game and because of how the dice play out we end up having a really fun game. 

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Cool Mini or Not 11.24

Cool Mini or Not looks to have restocked several Infinity and Wyrd products this week. As usual everything in the pictures is back in stock or new. Also this time around there appears to be some bases from Wyrd. As usual all credit to Cool Mini or Not please head over to them to get more info or to purchase any must have items you see below.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Forgeworld News letter 9

Forgeworld has dropped a newsletter to show even more Chaose dwarf madness as well as highlight that they will be at several Games Day events coming up. So for some short angry evil men on evil machines look no further.  First lets start out with the eye candy part. =)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Finecast issues, open letters, no more previews, and storm of magic

This week we had Stelek play along and do the same Q and A that others have been doing for event org stuff. If you missed out on it then its in the fast links I added to the right to make getting to certain content easier. Blogger tends to fail when it comes to finding or searching for information in a fast easy manner. So this is my way of trying to keep the sight organized a bit. I also dropped all the Gamesday pictures from France for my non French speaking community and actually got another battle report hammered out. It's been a busy week here at the Emperors Codex but a good week as we continue to be basically be more of a E-zine than a blog. We have been getting tons of positive feedback though as we continue to grow so thanks for tuning in and giving my corner of online nonsense a visit once in awhile. Alas I am ranting slightly so add us to your favorites later because the point really should be that its the end of the week so let's do a end of the week rumor rundown.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

CAG 2011 round 2 - Demons Vs SW

Moving on to round 2!! Round one the orks halted the demons movement for Tourney glory. It was a good game but like I said in the last report I didn't earn many point but I still was hopeful anything can happen. This is no time to give up I mean really what kind of attitude is that. =P So I arrive at my next table and the terrain isn't too shabby at all. It is a cool looking table actually and at this point any table that didn't make me feel like I was playing a game of Cities of death was welcome. 

Monday, June 6, 2011

THQ Space Marine, Kill Team, and Dark Millennium some quick thoughts

These are by no means overly new news. However these games and trailers have been a topic of discussion amongst me and a few friends the last week or so. Also makes me wonder if all people who play tabletop are also into video games. I know that some people come over to try the tabletop game after DOW came out but I wonder sometimes does the crowd go the other way? Do some people try out video games who don't play them because they are 40k related? I know that THQ and GW have extended the demonic bond that allows them to work together so if these are good I would expect more and better in the future which is good news.

Event Organizing 101 - Andrew Sutton

One of the main focuses of the Emperor’s Codex will always be to encourage our community in a positive manner. So any time I feel that the blog can is some way help out the local or online community in a positive manner I will most likely pursue that action. With that in mind I will be doing a series of articles on organizing events. I feel that the event organizers end up with what is sometimes a thankless job. Also that so little light or discussion is put into the behind the scenes aspects of running events. So to kick things off we will be doing some Event Organizing 101 and we will be kicking these off with some basic Q and A (not to be confused with basic T and A) with some fellow gamers from the community that take the time to put together events.
So in keeping this thing going we have done a handful of these so far. I added a nice quick link to the right to be able to jump to them easier since navigating through older blog content can be such a pain. This week we have a Q and A with Andrew Sutton who is better known as Stelek online. 

Sunday, June 5, 2011


So after having just a taste of the awesome that was on display at Games Day with the couple of GW pictures that shared with you guys. I went out in search of the one ring to rule them all... Some more pictures of the event and all the models that showed up. So if you like this hobby, pictures, painting, or just cool looking stuff here is a massive picture dump for your pleasure. Since my little space here online is known for posting pictures and my random commentary this should fit right in. =) These pictures are not mine I got them all from bouncing around sites I can't read until I found things to share. Just as I didn't make any of these awesome models. So credit to those who are deserve it. If something is yours and you would like your name by it by all means drop a comment and I will fix it up for you. Also by all means share out this link to any of your local community here in the states or other places (**waves to my readers from other places) no reason everyone should have to eat up space by reposting all these to share. =P

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Cool Mini or Not 11.23

Look at that its some kind of pirate cat how random is that? Cool Mini or Not newsletter came flying in to show us the shiny goodness that they have restocked or added to the other shiny goodness that they normally sell. So here is some non GW model goodness. On a side note I have been trying to get the PP newsletter and the site wasn't working for me so I'll play with that again or if anyone knows a good site I can find the new releases and rumors on could you please throw it in the comments I wouldn't mind some PP content on the blog.

Anyway as usual if you like anything you see below head over to Cool Mini or Not and check it out, buy it, or just stare awhile like we all do on the Forgeworld site. 

Friday, June 3, 2011

Finecast, Gamesday, Necron C'tan

Been busy with life and with nurgley kids which is never fun. Sick kids are not toughness 5 and don’t get a feel no pain roll. Plus school sigh.. school is almost done for me and then I will have that thing people call free time again or at least as close as I can get to that being married lol. It’s Friday and the weeks over, so get a cold one, light up your BBQ and let’s do a quick week run down.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Event Organizing 101 - Sean Pittman

One of the main focuses of the Emperor’s Codex will always be to encourage our community in a positive manner. So any time I feel that the blog can is some way help out the local or online community in a positive manner I will most likely pursue that action. With that in mind I will be doing a series of articles on organizing events. I feel that the event organizers end up with what is sometimes a thankless job. Also that so little light or discussion is put into the behind the scenes aspects of running events. So to kick things off we will be doing some Event Organizing 101 and we will be kicking these off with some basic Q and A (not to be confused with basic T and A) with some fellow gamers from the community that take the time to put together events.

So far these are going well and we are getting some good feedback from people who enjoy these. We will keep up with the simple Q and A's for a bit before we jump into some meatier topics that involve running an event. If there is something you would like to see covered or a Question/ Advice that you are looking for when it comes to running events please don't hesitate to email it in and I will get some information about it posted up for you and the rest of the community. As we continue our trek into adding something positive to our online community we have already done the following. 

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