Sunday, May 15, 2011

Weekly run down - Blogger fail edition!!!

So blogger crashes and burns like someone thought it was a Rich Granddad on life support and pulled the plug. (accidently of course) This hosed any chances I had for posting up my normal Friday run down lol. I also wasn’t able to post the Forge world releases or the Cool mini or not news.  So since I know that everyone who can spell "40k" has posted up the forgeworld stuff I won’t do a little post about it on its own. Instead I will do mash up post of everything that would have gone up over the last couple days of blogger fail. So here is a combined SUNDAY little bit of everything post for everyone to scroll through  =P

Our personal over sea’s dealer Forgeworld  released a ton of things here just lately. We got shoulder pads to show you are down with the sickness FORGEFATHER. Something that is a nice little touch for those of us that are putting together some Vulkan marine goodness and haven’t already done up some custom shoulder pads of fire to show off our Frat of choice. At this point I think building a Sally army is two things one a fluffy yet competitive choice while also attempting to put as many dragons/fire designs in the army as possible.  I am pretty sure that when Sally players compare armies they both count dragon heads on each other’s forces to see who is higher ranking. 

We got some Eldar love which I will barely mention since I wasn’t overly impressed with it. I am no Eldar player though so if you are excited by all means throw dollars on the stage so to speak.

What I am more interested in is the number of again CHAOS DWARF models we got. I hinted at new rules coming for these guys in the near future from things I heard before. These models of short angry evil fun are just convincing me even more that the whispers I heard had been correct. Besides Steam punk tank of evil!!! I don’t even play fantasy but how cool is that thing?

In other evil news we got our DE second wave and as usual with the line it is overly impressive looking. Being a DE player means your army looks pretty good on the table top even when it’s not painted. The entire line has just come a long way since the update and I am sure it makes the Cron players all antsy to see if they get a massive update of cool. The Talos/Cronos Kits are great although I am sad they are not over sized and on the Valk base.. I still think they came out good enough.  I am hard pressed to complain about that.. Although this is the intertubes so if you don’t like the kit I am sure google can help you find 100’s of people complaining about it right now. Feel free to join the hater party no judgment from me. 

We also got a battle force that from what I can tell not only saves you a little money but actually gives you units you might run when playing the army? How odd a move from GW?

The venom and scourges look great as well the only other thing floating around at the moment that I read about all week is that sisters may get a white dwarf only release for rules. I want to wait to see if that pops up with some more details or trusting content before I admit online that I might purchase a white dwarf. So nuff said.

So I will end this with the pictures from Cool Mini or not 11.20. As usual with any of this eye candy everything below is usually back in stock or new. If any of it looks to good not to own run over to the cool mini or not site to get more info. Also real quick starting Monday I am doing some event Organizing content that I hope is interesting and helpful for the community so stop back by 2morrow, and bring a friend. 


  1. Good chuckle over this one- thanks for the update. Dark Eldar looking better all the time.

  2. Thanks David, The DE range is really impressive. I can't wait to see the Sisters. =)


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