Thursday, May 5, 2011

Quick Thank You post

First off today the Emperor’s Codex is exactly one day shy of being 3 months old. I am insanely young, shiny, and new in internet terms. So I want to first off thank all of you that stop by, read, comment, email, and have been following thus far. The site broke the 10,000 mark early this week and close to halfway toward 100 followers!! For something I do the majority of work on as I attempt to try and add to the online community in a positive manner I think things are going well for the first three months. I had a generic idea of what I wanted to do with the site but it has already started to grow and move in other directions since then. All of it is positive though and I also want to thank my fellow bloggers who have been both great in support via email and in person.  So I hope you guys have enjoyed the ride so far as I have much more coming and ideas for larger things in the future. =) I also will be trying to shine more light on local events and players. Thanks to DFK who right away asked to help out by giving me a break a couple times a month with a guest article.
I have been super busy but things are going to slowly start dying down as I get to summer and I will have a bit more time to do actual hobby stuff. I might be playing in my first Apocalypse battle this weekend for an event. (If they have some room still lol) If nothing else I will have some pictures from the event next week. It’s a yearly thing locally I am pretty sure and a great fundraiser for USO so I’ll post up all the details early next week.
This is short and not filled with pictures lol due to my work schedule this week. However I wanted to make mention of hitting the three month mark and say thanks like I said above. I’ll have the weekly rumor round up comment thing posted up as normal for Friday.

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