Friday, May 6, 2011

Necron Scarabs, C'tan, and Vehicles oh my!

It's Friday and we all followed the yellow brick road through another week. This week there was a ton of chatter about rumors and news but all of it was about one thing. No I don't mean the Death of a certain evil terrorist. (Hurray for Justice) 

The evil robot upgrades are the talk of the forum and blog sphere. So while I could fill two posts commenting on all the things that may or may not be true. Instead let’s treat the rumors like girls and just spend some time with the fun and interesting one’s.  

Scarab Swarms

Man finally we get a swarm type unit that might do something besides be all small and swarmy. The rumor makes them amazingly fun and useful on the tabletop. They now are little metal versions of those bugs in the MUMMY movie eating actual STATS of things they come in contact with. YEP STATS you read that right. The rumor is these things eat your armor save or armor value down until it’s gone. We won’t know the details for some time but let’s just stop to think about how cool this is in game terms. Nothing is crippling as multi assaulting a parking lot and dropping all the vehicles to armor 10 or less? Hey I wonder if this rule will let you drop the armor to less than 10? Either way these are looking to already be a good buy for support if nothing else and if you get a large swarm in the right place you have the chance to drop armor like college kids drop clothes on spring break.

WBB is the new black

If whispers are true then WBB is going to be a army wide special rule that must really make nurgle units confused.  It looks like everything will be getting this save? Nurgle units that don’t get FNP but still turned out all gross must be pissed. I wonder if in a throw back to BA and the new GK codex this includes the new vehicles? Speaking of…


The evil shambling robots of death are going to have vehicles? Wow and I don’t mean three large floating vegas hotel type vehicles like they have now. I mean they keep hinting at normal choices of vehicles much like the other codex’s.  I honestly am more concerned that if done wrong these things could come across cheesy instead of evil roboty. The sketches make me want to see a finished model before I make judgment or jokes. (possibly both to follow release) Also it appears this may be the first army to actually have flyers with flyers rules which I would think is odd but I want to point out this comes right after the release of flyers for most the armies if rumors hold true this summer. ALSO large hint that Flyers MAY be a regular part of 6th edition.?

The return of the BIG DADDY C’Tan

So it appears some previous rumors are wrong which makes me a bit sad. Now the popular opinion appears to be the C’tan are back….only in more of a mini me type form. Possibly even killed by the vary things that they created and then enslaved to the same technology. I don’t know if that is biting the hand that feeds you or some type of huge irony. I will assume the chaos gods think it’s funny though.  They appear to be a toned town MC version of themselves, which has some awesome modeling possibilities depending on the fluff the y put behind these units in the book. The angry used to be gods will most likely come packing some serious angst issues making them possibly the best hth unit in the army.

Add in that phase out is gone, plus the actual vehicle options, unit choices and it appears the necron players are going to have REAL OPTIONS. They are going to be a full style army. Your necron armies won’t come in just three flavors like they tend to now. This is all awesome news for necron players, the game as a whole and I think the people that should be just as excited are the Tau players since they are going to be not to far down the line. It's going to be a fun ride as we find out how true these are and we are getting closer and closer to the scene with the curtain being pulled back to show the actual wizard. 

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