Friday, May 20, 2011

Forgeworld Armor, Resin models, GW policy and price rises

So this week the Internet is ablaze with anger toward Games Workshop, the hinting at new resin models, the fact that everything is going to cost you more, and Forgeworld has new stuff. Although if you make the hops around the blogsphere you can see that mostly the news of the pricing issues has spread like the T -Virus across everything and angry tyrants are running wild with rants of anger. So lets "thriller" through a weekly round up.

(Wow what a mansion...)

To kick things off our Evil corporation Umbrella Games workshop announced a price hike. That's right the tiny small plastic, metal, and soon to be resin models you push around with other grown men (pew pew) will soon cost you more of that pretend gold that we all slave away for when we aren't playing with toy soldiers. The cost increase is pretty much in line with what they did the last couple times from what I can tell. Also I think it makes the new Dark Eldar Box set a little bit better deal but I would have to double check that to be sure. Now I would like to argue that GamesWorkshop owners aren't sitting around laughing, smoking cigars, and pretending to be the guy from the monopoly box but.......

(That guy's a maniac! Why'd he bite me?)

Like you went through the drive through and got your order completely wrong you are getting a price hike with a nice embargo on the side. Embargo may not be exactly the right word but basically the terms and conditions for the UK stores (and I assume other places) have changed. This change means they have a nice list of acceptable places they may do business. What does this mean? Well I have had to explain this to several people but basically if you live within the rule and domain of president Obama you won't really notice. If you live in the UK you won't really notice either I don't think. It's those people who live in other places that will get hosed. People who live in Australia like our buddies at 3++ is the new black... (I say buddy loosely since I have never met Kirby and he may have been to my blog on accident once. ) Basically GW uses some insane pricing scheme meaning they are asked to pay above the standard exchange rate. You know when you go to a concert and you can't bring bottled water but you can buy it for the fair fair price of 7 dollars a bottle.. Yeah that's what's going on here. ...but wait... before you pick up your phones and call.. THERE is MORE.


That's right we also get what I can only laugh at in a resin idea... Man I wish I could have been in this business meeting. "who ever thought of this" is getting a nice bonus this year because financially this must have sounded great on paper. Let's use a cheaper material to cut costs, then lets not make anything new instead we will use the same old molds and designs we already have and repackage/ image the items calling them Citadel Finecast!!! We can market them as a new high end product line without creating a new line!! I am sure everyone clapped and thought that a great idea no one stood up in the back of the room and asked if these changes would make people upset and that clearly the Hitler Video will be resubbed again to make fun of us as a company. No of course not...and any wargamer knows that not everything that looks good on paper actually turns out that way.

(Got some rare things on sale... stranger.)

So the Virus spread quickly and the nets responded with Drama which is human nature. Kirby posted up a nice letter and has a few golden things on his blog. Also Sandwyrm posted up a pretty good letter and has some more information over on theback40k. Also you can bounce around all over the nets and see people respond in all kinds of ways both Bruce Banner and Hulk like.

However most likely all the effort will be as about as meaningful as a conversation in a strip club. Sadly GW considers this a hobby first and being as they are doing well I don't know that you are going to convince them otherwise. For every competitive gamer I run into I can name two or three others who play because its fun, they like the fluff, or the models. The competitive crowd is growing but I don't think they are large enough to be the company focus. This is a luxury item and the crowd that doesn't play competitively can buy one model a month to work on, model up, convert and add to their collections while its the competitive crowd that buys entire armies at a time. In America I know the focus of thinking is on the game and not on the modelling more often than not when discussing business models and such. However I think it was designed to be the other way around. When you have enough models you can also play this cool game with them.

Then while I don't like the fact that they aren't cutting costs for the Resin models they are releasing I would also point out that FORGEWORLD charges a premium for Resin models. So why are we overly surprised that these aren't cheaper. I am actually happy they don't raise the prices to that level personally.

(Self-righteous fools! )

Speaking of other Evil companies Forgeworld also released some new assault marines in old skool armor and since the price difference is getting less and less perhaps in the near future Resin from the world of Forge will always be something you consider before buying a unit.

"The iconic MkV ‘Heresy’ pattern of Space Marine Power Armour was first created during the dark days of the Great Betrayal. Remarkably durable and easy to produce and maintain, large quantities were supplied to the Space Marine Legions prior to, and during, the Heresy. As the galaxy spanning civil war progressed, new supplies of arms and armour for the Traitor Legions were heavily disrupted, forcing them to scavenge components from their fallen enemies."

"MkII Armour represented a significant technological step forward from the original Space Marine Thunder Armour. Created by the Adeptus Mechanicus, it was totally enclosed and life sustaining, making it suitable for use in a variety of hostile environments including deep space. The few surviving examples of this pattern are still maintained by some of the oldest Space Marine Chapters and are venerated as sacred relics."

So in closing while we all will complain a bit two things will happen. People will find a way to still get stuff at a good price. Ebay, friends, message boards, etc etc...  and sadly like Wesker even those of us that try other systems will soon be back because so far no one offers something as good or on the same level of this silly game we play.. Although.. Warmachine is making a attempt. .. and.. I do have that starter box hmmmm.


  1. More Jovavich, plzkthxbai.

  2. That was so EPIC! I Resi Evil =D

  3. I'll see if I can work her into another post in the near future DFK lol.

    @Warflake Thank you sir I try to have a little fun while writing. =P

  4. I'm one of those 'outer-rim' Australian 40k players. The prices here are quite hilarious, and for the past year I've been shipping in all of my purchases from the US via ebay for a 25% through 40% saving. Another price rise means that I'll be sticking with my current 40k army, freezing out new purchases, and not buying into another few as I'd hoped.

    More probably I'll be looking for another game that won't cost a couple of thousand to buy into. Not joking- set your GW website to Australian localisation, check their online prices, then go look up the exchange rate. You'll be laughing, too.

    Anyhow, sorry to grump on your blog- sure this is not what you set it up for. Great writeup as always and many dark chuckles...

    Also lets' not forget Beast of War getting knocked off youtube this week. They're one of the most popular independent sources of broadcast table-top news and the takedown stinks a little of anti-competitive cloak & dagger.

  5. @David_Mac

    Not a problem at all my man vent away. You have every right to be upset at a price increase and voting with your dollars is honestly the way to do it. =P

    As far as being a grump its not a big deal the comments section is all about saying whatever is on your mind the only time I think its out of bounds for this blog is when someone starts attacking people or blogs for the sake of attacking them which you run into from time to time online.

    Also I don't know what Beast of War is I am going to do a bit of digging now that you mentioned it.


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