Friday, May 27, 2011

Finecast,Dark Eldar wracks, Forgeworld Giants, and a hint of sisters

So I don’t know about you guys but Resin is the secret word lately. When you mention it everyone in the room goes all pee wee's playhouse. People are still chatting up the price rises on all the products and the epic move that limits who may ship you your plastic and now resin crack and who can’t ship you stuff. It’s almost like watching a old school gangster film sometimes. I won’t re-touch on these issues since I already covered them here in a Resident Evil themed Rant. I had a request for more themed rants in the future so depending on the news I’ll be putting a few more of those together. Also I don’t want to steal DFK’s thunder since I think he plans on dropping in and throwing his opinion down on the money talks circling the nets in the near future. Anyway let’s do this thing…

Resin? Finecast? Fake plastic? Whatever you want to call the new metal replacement on the model scene it was made official and announced. We are going to get what they say are more detailed better quality models than the metal one’s and a push in marketing on the new direction is coming in the next white Dwarf according to the BIG GW. Although since White Dwarf at this point is basically just a large advertisement that they convince us to pay for before looking through we shouldn’t be surprised.  I personally dropped hints to them in a few locations that I would like to see a side by side compare of the metal vs resin models to see the increase in detail if there is any. I don’t know if they had been planning on doing that anyway though but let's see if anything happens. I mean they had been taking feedback why not give it right? Besides either way it will be way easier to do custom work to the models now. I don’t really like metal so I am for the change like I have said in the past.

Speaking of new Finecasted Fine cast models and no I don’t mean the Victoria Secrets girls, I am referring to the new Dark elder goodness they dropped yet again. The Wracks, and Larger nastier G-wracks look amazing and although a tiny bit pricy appear to be something that I expect people to scoop up with the quickness. Also the new Razorwing plane is going to come out so I would expect to see all of these coming across a table top toward you in the near future. Possibly being accompanied by evil laughter. The more awesome models they release the more DE players I see putting together armies and lists. The fragile pirates are starting to be seen locally for me at least much more often.

Forgeworld not to be outdone has also released two new models for your drooling pleasure.


“Pirate, mercenary, smuggler, gallows thief, Captain Edvard Van Der Kraal has been many things in his life, almost all of them disreputable. Despite his ruthlessness, he is a man of his word which makes him rare indeed and much sought after as a mercenary.”


“A mutilated, half-insane creature made proof against attack by layer upon layer of iron and bronze plates nailed deep into the creature’s flesh and even directly to its massive skeleton, armed with huge blades spliced onto its truncated arms, the Chaos Siege Giant”

Now these models are par for the course meaning they are really great looking and a bit pricey which is Forgeworlds MO. They are the Cadillac of the GW line it appears and won’t be out done by adding some fancy resin to some old molds nonsense. I say good for them keep making quality stuff guys.

Now before I run off and leave you to enjoy your Friday in pieces .. peace. I want to comment on the Nids next wave. We keep hearing that they have some models coming but haven’t gotten a solid bead on when just yet from anyone. If you play the vastly considered under powered critters I am sure that is annoying by this point. The latest is it’s either them or sisters coming up here shortly with people cheering for both sides. Although we also still have a rumor Sisters are NOV and may possibly be a White Dwarf rules set. I think putting them in White Dwarf would be a mistake, I mean putting girls in magazines increases sales statistically but come on guys that’s not even the same. I would prefer an actual codex with fluff and all the works for the army just like the others. Don’t be lazy since we all know it may be years before you come back to them since that’s how you guys roll. Unless your space marines of course. 

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